Good things come in pairs.

I spent 18 waking hours with a man at his house the day before yesterday. That’s the first time and longest I hung out with a man while being awake the entire time. Sex didn’t happen if you’re wondering. In fact the closest we got to touching was when our fingers brushed. This person is […]

Run, Sab, run.

Short of taking out an ad in the newspapers, it should be extremely clear by now that I will go through my life childless. Before any of you let’s-make-the-world-a-better-place-by-reproducing-like-rabbits types jump out from a bush and attempt to sit me down and want to talk me out of my supposedly “daft” idea, stay where you […]

Cool- The missing gene from my pool.

Shades. Sunnies. We all know they are mainly used to shield and protect our eyes from the blinding sun rays. Also used by celebrities who sometimes want to go incognito (but sometimes they select a pair 10 times the size of their head that just screams LOOK AT ME!!!!!). Me? Other than it’s sole purpose, […]