Good things come in pairs.

I spent 18 waking hours with a man at his house the day before yesterday. That’s the first time and longest I hung out with a man while being awake the entire time.

Sex didn’t happen if you’re wondering. In fact the closest we got to touching was when our fingers brushed. This person is X. He needed help with an essay. In return, he fed me well. He whips up fabulous dishes. Lucky is the woman who marries him (can I be her?).


Madame's lunch of crepe with ham and eggs and a side of salad. Very impressed that the crepe was handmade. It was very yums too.


Midnight dinner. Pan fried chicken with sauteed veggies. He whipped up the coating of the chicken. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, happy in my insides.

I’ve tried getting him out of my system but it all crumbled yesterday. I was happy just being in his presence. At certain hours I felt like turd because my back was aching badly and I was tired but I didn’t really mind if that meant I could have more time with him.

He’s so thoughtful and sweet and encouraging. Made me feel like I’m a genius. X also gave me what was supposed to be my birthday present last year. Almost a year late so I’ll just take it as my first present this year.


Yes. He painted this.

There’s a story behind this painting: That slim (because I always tell him that I want to lose weight) girl is me (he gave me such gorgeous hair!) looking over to the eiffel tower (because that’s where I’ve been dreaming of going).

I’m wearing that skanky pink polka dot dress that he remembers forever (and doesn’t approve of) but he decided to add a cardi because “it’s not safe for you to be so exposed”. Lol.

So old fashioned but I’m really touched. No one has ever given me such a thoughtful gift. Plus I now have a signed painting of his. When he becomes famous I will be the first to rush forward and shout “he’s my friend!!!”. He will be. Watch this space.

Then I came home after the essay marathon and became sick. I was already coughing but it got worse. Maybe because I didn’t have enough rest. I was coughing so badly I felt like I was going to develop abs.

Took sick leave yesterday to go get some meds. Then I started running a fever at night. Nothing serious just a low grade one. I texted N to tell him I won’t be able to go out with him today (we’re doing handover) and he called me and said “I’m bringing you to a doctor now”.

Tried telling him it’s nothing serious and I’ll see a doctor today but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was actually out with his friends for coffee but he left earlier to bring me to a clinic late in the night.

So in one day, I visited two doctors and have tons of meds to take. I always thought this I’m-bringing-you-to-a-doctor scenario only happens in Korean dramas but it happened to me.



Even though I’m sick like a dog typing this post while resting, I can’t help but to feel blessed to have such kind and caring people around me.

I’m also heavily drugged so I’m not even sure how coherent I am or whether I make sense at all. My brains could be fried for all I know. But I do know that I’m very happy this moment.



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