Celebrating 34.

Uhhh this is my super belated birthday post because I was lazy/ didn’t have time/ too hungover to write. Right. So I turned 34 last Sunday, and the celebrations started on Saturday night. The girls and I went clubbing, the first time since forever. We racked up a hugeeee bill (no thanks to those damn […]

Good things come in pairs.

I spent 18 waking hours with a man at his house the day before yesterday. That’s the first time and longest I hung out with a man while being awake the entire time. Sex didn’t happen if you’re wondering. In fact the closest we got to touching was when our fingers brushed. This person is […]

An ode to my Boss. (a fairly long ode hurhurhur)

As I start this work week, it is filled with tons of emotions. This week, marks my last week with the present company. I’ve been here for one and a half years. It’s not long enough to feel particularly teary, but definitely long enough to miss the people I’ve worked with. I’m currently doing Campaign […]