People unsuitable to reproduce.

I had the most exasperating conversation with a service staff at a coffee place yesterday. Scene: Four of us walk up to the entrance. Staff (S): “Hi, welcome. Table for how many?” Me (M): “Four please.” S: “Would you like to sit indoors or outdoors?” M: “Outdoors, thank you. Do you have a smoking table […]

The sound of music.

I listen to music. You listen to music. Everyone listens to music. I cannot say I’m an all-genre music aficionado because I’m not. There’s some music I don’t get. Like metal. I think they should re-categorise it as ‘pollution’ because of all that screaming. But that’s just me. I mean, my siblings judge me all […]

It’s all the salad’s fault.

I think I’m a terrible daughter. I think I scared my mum and made her worry for an entire day just because I didn’t think of the impact my words would have on her. I know we’ve all made our mums angry or worried at some point. I’m going to run away with another man! […]