The sound of music.

I listen to music. You listen to music. Everyone listens to music. I cannot say I’m an all-genre music aficionado because I’m not. There’s some music I don’t get. Like metal. I think they should re-categorise it as ‘pollution’ because of all that screaming. But that’s just me. I mean, my siblings judge me all the time when I listen to classical music. They think I don’t notice when they exchange judgey glances with each other, but I see everything guys.

I’m not going to act all pompous and tell you I can differentiate my Chopins from the Bachs. If I like it, I just do. I sing along to pop, retro and some rock too when the mood calls for it. Just don’t ask me the title, I’d probably guess wrong.

Once in a while I hear something that makes me stop whatever I’m doing, then proceed to YouTube to watch/listen to 84 variations of it then play it on loop for the next two years. But, it doesn’t happen that often.

So I went to a records shop last weekend, with the main purpose of killing time and seeing if I could find a couple of stuff. Don’t laugh. I know you’re thinking: “Who buys physical CDs these days?! I mean with technology and with iTunes at our fingertips and all….” Hahady ha. Well I do. First of all I’m not inclined towards iTunes because believe it or not, I’ve never purchased a single song online. The music I have are mainly transferred to me by whatever my younger siblings are listening to. And second, my car still has a CD player so why not utilise it.

Ok. Done laughing? Now pick yourself off the floor and let me continue.

Soooo.. I was damn chuffed to unearth this box set of Chopin’s “greatest hits”, which included the nocturnes which I grew to love. And they were cheap (considering they were at the very bottom and a tad dusty…)! Then, I managed to score one of Francois Hardy’s album (which included what I felt were her better songs). Never mind I don’t understand a word she’s singing except for the occasional amour and c’est whatever suitable word. You know how they randomly play an album over the speakers? I stopped in my tracks and demanded to know who was currently playing.

That’s how I ended up being over a hundred dollars poorer (with CDs being almost “obsolete”, you’d think they’d be cheaper. And so much for me exclaiming minutes earlier at its affordability) and three albums richer.

On my drive home I decided to put on the Il Volo. Apparently they just released the album last week. And ohmygod. There were a couple of tracks which were so moving that I suddenly became very emotional and thought about my recent self-inflicted heartache and tears almost welled up in my eyes. Obviously, other than the English ones, I have no idea what they’re singing except again, for the occasional amore.

Managed to get a grip on myself because what would people make of a girl crying in a stationary car while listening to three boys singing? I cannot explain how much feel I got from them but go check their album out and let me know if they almost drove you to tears too. Or it could be I’m reaching PMS week therefore I’m a little unstable.



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