The thank you post.

Why? Why are you sooooooo nice? I am, honestly, a little touched. Thank you for giving me encouragement and good luck wishes. That boosted my confidence a great deal. Thank you for sounding so cheery all the damn time. You could be having a poker face or a bad day, but it definitely did not […]

Like a broken record.

From another life time, I used to mention this person, whom I shall call, L. Gist of the story- I’m in love with this man but it is obviously one-sided. Plus he has a long-term girlfriend. Therefore he is way out of bounds for me. I never was, never am and never will be a […]

50 shades of intrigued.

So I promised to tell why I am intrigued by a certain someone. First of all, let’s call him ‘X’. This is so he remains unidentifiable (I hope). A little bit of background story- I met X some months back and we have been ‘meeting’ each other quite often. Not for dates, but for official […]

No heaven for me.

Today being a Sunday, is the perfect excuse to roll around in bed till the sun shines in places it’s not supposed to. While frolicking by my lonesome self, I caught a glimpse of the light streaming through my window. Such an ethereal feel that for a moment I thought I died and went to […]