Chips so hard to say goodbye.

Vices. We all have them. We all know there’s the seven deadly sins. In mandarin, there are namely four: 吃、喝、嫖、赌。Translated, they mean- Gluttony, Alcoholism, Debauchery, Gambling. And omg I’m guilty of two of the four! 😂😂😂

Of course I have my imperfections. In fact I can easily name you more, but bashing myself up is not on my agenda today. I just have to put it down in writing, you know, so that I will make the extra effort to achieve whatever I hope to. My first deadly sin is Gluttony. I don’t eat obscene amounts of food, in fact most days I only have two meals. But the one thing that I cannot resist. Potato chips. It’s so bad but it’s soooo good. At any one time, I can polish off an entire bag (the big ones) in one sitting. Usually happens on weekends if I choose to hibernate. I can eat two bags (or more) in two days.

Other than it being rumoured as being carcinogenic, we all also know that it’s high in fat, sodium and all the bad stuff. Putting these aside, I really shouldn’t be indulging like that because I’m diabetic and you know how much carbs each bag contains. It’s really a big weakness of mine. I can say no to desserts, resist temptation of any other food kind but those damn chips! It didn’t help that because I’ve had lots of free time lately, I’ve been scrolling through older photos and social media posts (yah I’m also narcissistic 😂), and I can’t help but to notice how much weight I’ve piled on say over the last five years. The massive double chins, how my clothes don’t fit or are ill-fitting…. Frankly quite sobering.

And also because I’ve been doing training modules on Diabetes for my new job, I’ve been reminded how badly the odds are stacked against me if I don’t keep my glycemic levels at the optimal stage. Very very scary stuff. It can get mildly depressing. But ain’t nobody got time to be depressed. Whatever happened in 2017 I want to put it firmly behind me and not look back.

Therefore, I’ve decided to seriously cut back on my snacking. I haven’t made up my mind if I should do it cold turkey or gradual weaning off because what if the former is too extreme and I end up worse than before? This past weekend, I did not touch a single packet of chips. I think that’s a good start. This weekend should be safe because I’ll be working on Saturday and have to fly off on Sunday. The first real test will be the next weekend where I’ll be all alone in Malaysia. Before I had this resolve, my plan was to go supermarket shopping to buy a bottle of wine and some snacks and just home myself up in the hotel room. Might have to review the snacks bit now haha.

If you noticed any irony in this post, it would be about my second vice- my drinking. Of course I know that I shouldn’t be drinking in such copious amounts since I’m diabetic. Of course I know that drinking is detrimental to health. But hey. One step at a time ok. I don’t think I’m quite ready to give up alcohol as of yet. Baby steps ok, baby steps. 😛

p.s: Did anyone get my pun on the post’s title? Chips, It’s, no?




Every year, before Chinese New Year rolls around, I visit this lady whom I call my fengshui lady. She generally “reads” people via numerology, so no two people are alike. The Chinese have this thing which they refer to as your eight characters. It is basically a set of numbers made up from your date and time of birth (I hope I’m explaining it correctly). In the olden days, where marriages were arranged, the bride and groom were matched via their eight characters, if they’re good for each other or will they bring disaster to one another. Something along those lines. Oh, people don’t really reveal their eight characters to anybody because a curse can be brought onto another person just by knowing these numbers. Hogwash or not, I’m not too sure but sometimes it’s better to err on the safe side right?

So anyhow, I’ve been visiting this lady for many years, maybe almost a decade or so. I see her every year because it’s become something like a personal tradition, and I would just like to know how my year would pan out in general. Since I’ve started seeing her, she has correctly voiced or predicted incidents which have happened even without me telling her anything. I know. Naysayers are going to say it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or something, but to each her own ok. I just take comfort in this somehow.

She was first recommended to us by another friend, and since then, I’ve brought other friends, who in turn have brought more people, so can’t say she’s a farce for sure. So anyway, since I’m enjoying my break, I thought I should go see her today before work commences. Before our session, I was telling a friend about my week in Malaysia (including Mr. Slow Dance) over lunch and then we moved on.

I went first because my friend was going to ask for her entire family. So after decoding my numbers, the first thing she said to me (I’ve translated everything that she said already) was: “This year, you’re going to have luck overseas with the opposite sex”. Immediately I looked to my friend and we both burst out laughing because I was just telling her about him a while ago! I mean, how specific is that?! Why not just meet someone, but someone from overseas??? I have to admit I was half impressed and half spooked.

And then she asked why I changed jobs (this I told her), because apparently 2017 was my year and a promotion was even in sight. I told her that crazy woman probably has stronger numbers than mine hahaha. And then she dropped another bomb. That my new workplace is going to be fraught with gossips and I will change jobs again.

Noooooo, I bleated. I cannot change anymore. If I change, I’m going to be labelled as a job hopper and the past five years of building a reputation would go down the drain. And then she said, “Ok you can counter this work thing by putting in effort in a relationship!”. Not sure if she was jesting or being serious, but again I bleated like a sheep. How can I make a choice like that? I want my work to go well because at the end of the day (or any relationship), I need to succeed because it’s for myself, my life!

Putting that aside, 2018 seems like a fairly promising year, with no major issues but some health ailments to look out for. I’m contented with that. I’m not naive to hope my life will have no bumps, but rather, I hope I’m able to rough it out and ride out those bumps.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I’ll take in all the good things and fulfill whatever prophecies I want to achieve, and for the not-so-good things, I’ll just take them with a pinch of salt and hope for the best.

When I came home to tell my mother where I went, her first question was “So when will you be able to get married?”. Sigh. Mothers. And when I told her what the lady told me, she looked me dead in the eye and said “Please don’t marry off to Malaysia”. Hahahaha so adorable. She’s always asking us to get married and get out but deep in her heart I think she doesn’t want us to leave her lol. Mothers! 😂😂😂

Oh and guess what. I’m going to Malaysia again for 10 days next week 😭 for my official induction. I’ll even have to stay the weekend because it’s going to be such a hassle coming home just for the weekend. Noooooooooo… I don’t want to be 🎤🎼Allllll by myselffffffff…🎼 😭😭😭


Weird encounter of the work kind.

Just got back from our kick off meeting yesterday night and boy, am I pooped. Luckily for me, the new company is kind enough to allow me to continue taking a break before I start work proper in February.

There were a whirlwind of activities that took place over the four days, but I just wanted to mention this in particular. Oh. In case you’re wondering how my Aladdin-themed outfit turned out…The dinner itself was quite fun and I even won a prize at the lucky draw. Which must be a first for me because I never win at such things. Ever. The after-party though, was the bomb diggity. Free flow of beer, awesome music and a nice encounter.

So a couple of my colleagues from Malaysia were kind and friendly enough to make conversation and mingle with me (it was my unofficial first day of work so I did not know anyone other than my new manager) so I didn’t feel so left out. Other than my manager, the rest of the Singapore team retreated back to their rooms immediately after dinner. So there we were, all dancing to the amazing music and then, the band suddenly slowed down and played Perfect by Ed Sheeran. And told us to find a partner to dance with.

I immediately sat down and attempted to look busy by drinking my beer and fiddling with my phone because fuck this slow dance shit, I’ve never done it in my life.

Then this guy who I’d clinked glasses with a couple of times came over, went down on one knee and asked, “May I have a dance with you?”. I laughed and replied that I didn’t know how to, and he said he didn’t either. In my mind I was going fuck, no!, but he was still on his knee and I didn’t want to make him look bad, so I said ok and took his hand. We really did the whole slow dance shebang- clasping hands and other hand on each other. And because we were in that pose, we had no where to look but in each other’s eyes. Can you believe I actually started feeling shy??? Me. Shy! Totally unheard of. And halfway through the dance, he told me, “You look perfect tonight”. Ohmygoodlord.

Other than removing my fake beard, I still had my hair up in that ridiculous style together with the genie clothes. And he still said I looked perfect. Either he’s being nice or he has eye problems I reckon. But anyway that was about the most dramatic thing to happen that night. The next night, the Singapore team decided to gather in one room to have our dinner. Being new, the team was curious about me. Or rather my marital status. The moment they found out that I’m single, they all decided that they must get me off the shelf. God.

So they ran through the Malaysia “database” (the Singapore team is all-female), and guess whose name came up. Yep, Mr. Slow Dance. So they decided to check out his marital status. And as luck would have it, they bumped into him at breakfast the very next morning. After confirming that he’s single, they asked if he knew who Sabrina is. And he replied, “Of course I know Sabrina, she’s lovely!”. Or at least that’s what was repeated to me. I cannot help but blush. It’s so old fashioned yet have to admit that’s quite sweet. But really, who else uses lovely these days unless you’re a grandma commenting on a cup of tea?

And of course you can guess, they wouldn’t stop making fun of us the rest of our duration there that I feel a little awkward being around him.

Anyway, because of him, I came back and maybe played Perfect on loop at least 50 times. And really listened to the lyrics. So even though it was cheesy when he quoted that line, it’s an adorable kind of cheesy.

And you know what. I’ve become flavour of the month again. I told X about it (not the dance part though, and yes, we’ve started talking again after one incident), and wow, he keeps texting me. Nothing like another man coming into the picture to make you start being so hot again huh. 🙄🙄🙄

We didn’t get to say goodbye to each other because the Singapore team got held back for a discussion on our last day though I saw him hovering at the door for quite a while before he gave up. So the question i would like to ask, my friends, is, should I make the next move, wait for him to do it, or do nothing until we meet each other again in half a year? Tell me what you think.



I’m slightly more than halfway into my one week break before I start at the new place. My original plan was to only start in February, but the new company wanted me to join their annual kick off meeting, so I had to buy myself out earlier and fly off this Sunday. They have however, kindly allowed me to continue my break after we return and start in February proper. Let’s see if I want to continue resting for a while more or rush back straight to work.

So I was informed that their gala dinner’s theme was Disney World, and my table’s theme is Aladdin. I was told this yesterday, and I fly off on Saturday, which leaves me only two days because my Friday and Saturday are already out.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really love themed parties! It allows me to be as creative as possible, and see what I can conjure out of my exploding closet. But I usually have more time than this to prepare, so naturally, I went into a slight panic mode. My sisters’ bright ideas. Saw this off the internet (sorry I don’t know who you are and can’t credit you) and I was actually kinda sold on this idea. Plus I could wear normal clothes underneath AND take it off should it get too warm.

My mother however, did not see eye to eye with me on this. She kept telling me to go as Princess Jasmine. Errrr sure, if I was 30kg lighter I definitely would. And this is the first time I’m officially meeting all my new colleagues, it wouldn’t be nice to leave a bad first impression, right? Either everyone would lose their appetite, or I’d be arrested by the police for being a public nuisance. But she’s so cute though. (In case you’re wondering what “xia suay” means, it just means embarrass in my dialect.) So I went props shopping with my younger sister today, with two ideas in mind. In the end, the cloth for the magic carpet and all its embellishments added up to quite a bit, and not really wanting to defy my mother (I’m actually an obedient daughter lol), I went with idea #2. And only because I happened to find clothes in the right colour or the carpet would have won hands down hahahaha…I guess it’s quite obvious who I’m going as right. And because the clothes are all my own, I only spent a total of S$29 on this entire ensemble! My sister helped me look on Carousell (an app for buying and selling stuff), and we actually found something as ridiculous yet awesome as this! I feel that the bag ups the ante on this outfit by a lot haha.I’ll probably have pictures only after the event, so I’ll show you when I’m back. In the mean time, I’m going to maximise my remaining off days to sleep in and basically do nothing but rest and zone out, then attend my best friend’s (one of them) wedding on Saturday!


Guess who’s back?

I’M BACKKKKK! DID ANYONE MISS ME??? I sure did miss the old me. Not sure if I’m back 100% but I feel much much much better to be writing again. Also, because I’ve been away for some time, this post will probably be a tad long. You have been warned.

The last two months have been trying. I finally mustered the courage and strength to go FUCK YOU and resigned. Things got so bad that I actually decided to leave without a job. That’s something that I would never do before but I guess I was so close to breaking that that seemed like a much better choice. The fear of being unemployed scared me sooo much, but my family encouraged me to leave because they too saw how unhappy I was. And my friends in the industry have been so helpful, alerting me to any job openings they knew of, or recommending me to recruiters.

Went for a few interviews (a total of about nine rounds!) and while everybody’s first question was “You’ve only been there for seven months, why do you want to leave?”, I made sure never to badmouth that bitch even though what I really wanted to do was to burn her slowly with undiluted acid, one drop at a time and watch her dissipate at snail’s pace. The bitching can be done later. The good news is that, not one but two companies want me and it was a good dilemma to have, but I did finally decide on where I wanted to go next.

Special thanks to some people next. I know that by the time one reaches the reference check stage, the job is very likely secured and more of a formality, but these people did me a favour that they didn’t have to, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you Jade for helping me. She’s my product manager who recently got promoted and left our local team, but during the time we worked together, she was always supporting and encouraging me when no others did. Thank you Mark (my ex-manager from my previous company) whom you all know better as M. Even though we had our differences (he was mad at me for leaving him then 😂, and I was angry because he made personal comments work-wise), he agreed without a moment’s hesitation to be my referee. We have since made up (a while back) don’t worry and even though we jibe each other all the time, I think we both agree that we work well together. Well, never say never, who knows what may happen in the future. My last referee that was required by the company is a current customer of mine. I panicked for a moment because those who are really closer to me are all on holidays but thankfully there was still one I could ask this favour from. Thank you Dr. Yeo who immediately agreed when I asked if he was ok to help me. This doctor was shocked when I told him I was leaving and he kept praising me and told me that he only supported and bought more of our products because me. Tell that to that bitch who always thinks I’m skiving. This doctor also told me that he said all the nice things about me to HR and hoped I’d get the job.

Well I did. Although I’m sure I made it through my own merit, these people certainly helped seal the deal. Thank you again. A million thank yous won’t suffice.

I’m not hoping for much in the next job. I just want to do well and work well with the entire team so that I go to work happy, and end the day happy. That’s all I ask for.

Just to back track a little, things started looking up towards the end of November (slightly after I submitted my letter), but I was so afraid of jinxing it that I didn’t want to write anything about it. My birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did get a lovely surprise and many many many well wishes on my birthday that reminded me that my life didn’t suck as much as I imagined. And that’s what I really needed. A reminder that I am still loved by many (whether they admit it or not).

Thank you for all the small mercies in my life.

xoxoxoxo. <<<<<<
I miss my annual cake post, especially when I've waited so many years to do 👌🏻👌🏻? 😬


Hello. I’ve decided to take a hiatus from writing because I just realised that my last six consecutive posts are mostly about the negative. And this is bad. Negativity wears people out, not only myself but people reading it. And it can get really toxic if I lose this awareness. And the last thing I want is to spread all this dark energy. 

I’m not sure how long I’ll be away for. I don’t want to say indefinitely because that sounds like an eternity. It could be a few weeks or even months, heck, it might even be tomorrow, but I will surely be back, because this is my avenue for voicing my thoughts. 

I just want to reflect on my life and myself. And I promise that when I return, it will be a happy post. Or at the very least, a positive one. So, this is not goodbye for sure, but see you later. 


Downtown funk. 

Have you ever been so tired that you’ve thought about giving up on life? Not give up as in ending it, but just go through the day-to-day motions kind of tired?

I’m afraid I’ve entered this stage. Work has been seriously stressful and it’s going to get worse. My area of coverage will be expanded that I’m not sure how I will have the time to see every customer properly. I’m no longer excited to go to work and I’m also not very motivated to do so. In fact, I have to pep talk myself every morning just to get out of bed. And the only thing that keeps me going is looking forward to the end of day and the weekends. 

And this has overflowed into my personal life. I’m tired all the time. I just want to veg out when I get home. I no longer have the energy to meet any one for dinner or even drinks. Fancy me saying no to alcohol. The thought of meeting people just tires me out. I talk so much at work and I dread having to do that after work hours now. Can you imagine that. I love talking soooo much I used to have conversations with myself in the mirror all the time when I was young. And in my school report card year after year, the words “talkative” or “verbal diarrhoea” was a given. 

I also get annoyed when people make plans and the group gets bigger and bigger. Because now I’ll have to stretch my conversation and social skills further and thinner. But I really don’t feel like it. But yet I cannot ignore all social invitations because then I’ll get probing and persistent questions like “are you ok?”. I know my friends mean well, but I’d prefer to be left alone. 

And then there’s this thing about being “match-made” AGAIN. Because my work environment is fairly new, this whole cycle about me being single gets highlighted again. I don’t see it as a problem, but apparently everyone else does. These days, I get attempted to be paired up with anything of the male species and walks on two legs. Then my sister asked, “What if a rooster walks by…?”. Lol I thought that was quite hilarious. 

Not exactly sure why I’m in such a funk. Could be because of my last post, or having everything shitty happening all at once. It’s terrible. On the outside I’m all 🤡😬😂🤣😊, but once I’m alone I become 🗿🙄😔☹️😔. 

This is bad. Adulting is bad. Even buying clothes don’t make me that happy anymore, and that’s saying something. 


Walk a mile in my shoes. 

You know how sometimes people tell you to “just snap out of it”? The context may differ, but mostly, if you’re on the receiving end of this, you might be slightly annoyed because no, I cannot just snap the fuck out of it. 

Well yeah. I was referring to myself haha. But I did recently snap out of something which has been howdoiputit been going around in a semi-vicious cycle for half a decade. I know, I know, I’ve probably talked about cutting X off here and there and then some, but always turned back in the end. I think my friends have decided that nothing they say will change my mind until I snap out of it myself. 

Anyway, it’s been one week since we last had any contact (non-physical of course), and I’m going to tell you what exactly transpired. And I expect all of you to take my side and agree with me after, ok?

So the story goes… I actually wanted to spend his birthday with him this year because I felt bad that he was alone last year (gave up asking last year because every year, he NEVER spends his actual day with me- not that he has to, but still…). So I said I’d buy him a nice meal, and it was all going well until I asked him which day he would prefer (because nice fancy restaurants need advanced reservations because I’m not a millionaire duh). He actually chose today (which I couldn’t anyway because I was lunching with a group of doctors) and that got me really really riled up. 

I admit that when he first asked me, I said any day was fine, including weekdays. But that was before my whereabouts are so watched at work, and that means I no longer have the luxury of taking an afternoon off whenever I feel like it.

What really got me flared up so bad was him picking a random weekday. Ok, so he might not understand how my freedom has been restricted, but come on. The last time we met face to face was maybe almost a year ago. I mean what the fuckity fuck. We meet once a year and all you’re going to give me is maybe two hours of your precious time?! He argued that even if we met on a weekend, we’d have dinner and be done and that would also take the same amount of time. 

What the fuck. Am I such terrible company that you can’t wait to up and go?! I’m not even asking for a full day of his time but maybe even a coffee after dinner would be nice BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN A YEAR AND TWO HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR ME TO CATCH UP WITH A YEAR OF MISSING YOU IN MY LIFE. FUCK. 

See. I’m right. He’s willing to give everybody time but me. He even gave a complete stranger more time (stranger turned up unannounced with his friend) even though he felt repulsed by said stranger. What the fuck. I’m actually worth less than a fucking stranger. His argument was that that was his friend’s friend and he had to tolerate him because his friend was leaving the country for good. He wasn’t even keen on meeting this person in the first place!

Ok I digressed a little but other than being really angry, I felt my heart going cold at that moment. Of course, when I stopped replying his messages, he went on to argue about how busy he had been and how because of that his health took a poor turn and that even though he didn’t tell me but he was feeling very unwell blahblahblahblahblahblahblah. 

I mean seriously. How much more do I have to bend over backwards for him? I could give you a list of things that I can’t do, but I’ll just stick to the birthday theme while we’re at it. I’m not allowed to celebrate his birthday, a meal will be just a meal, nothing birthday related. I can’t buy him a cake because he doesn’t like sweet things (but his family can buy him one and he’s ok with that) and also reason above. I cannot buy him presents because he’s difficult to please (his own words) and I’ve since given up because he actually returned a present I gave him even though I spent many many many hours and a small sum of money thinking he would like it and he didn’t even bother pretending to like it. I cannot meet him on his actual birthday because he’s usually celebrating it with other people (look people, contradiction!). And no, I won’t ever be invited to join because “why would I introduce them to you when you don’t know them and don’t talk about the same things?”. Thank you also for making me sound retarded. You and your elistist fucking organic eating tree hugging Mickey Mouse club can shove your attitudes up your own. 

I’m not sure if it’s years of accumulated anger and frustration or it really just hit me that he doesn’t care. 

It has been one week and I have had zero urge to resume any form of communication. I hope you see this. I hope you get mad when you read this. I hope you just cut me out of your life because seriously is there any fucking difference in the first place? I think you have taken me for granted enough. I’ve had enough. Happy birthday in advance. Your fucking wish has finally come true. You won’t even receive the birthday cards that I already prepared (that’s the only thing I’m allowed to give and I don’t even know if he appreciates it or uses it to pick cat poo- ok now that’s making me sad). Now you can blow out the candles on that fucking cake I’ve never been allowed to buy. 


So, that’s that. 

The other day, I was having a chat with a friend and he is the kind of person who’s adamant about not bringing a child into this world because of the commitment and responsibilities that involves it (notice how I refer to children as it lol). 

And I was always a great supporter of this notion too. I talked about it before in other posts but my main beef about having children is the worry that it might inherit my condition, and no way do I want to feel guilty for the rest of my life. 

You can call me selfish or whatever names you fancy, but really, that’s not my goal in life and you should respect that and not judge me because I refuse to concede to societal norms. 

So back to my friend. He was telling me about his other friend and he suddenly said how nice it would be to see a mini version of him running around, and he wondered who his hypothetical child (he’s single) would take after. 

Wow. That stunned me for a moment. He has never, and I mean NEVER showed any inclination towards children (at least in front of me), and suddenly he becomes wistful? Is it an age thing or some too-bad-I-won’t-be-able-to-carry-on-my-family-name sort of thing?! I mean, this is the very same person who said “Can we go now?” when I happened to bump into a friend alone with his two young daughters and had to leave them for a while, so I naturally stayed to keep an eye on them because they’re really young and were near an escalator. In fact, when he passed that comment, I thought in my mind that that’s such a callous and cold thing to say. Wow. 

But that made me think after we put down the phone. What would a mini half version of me be like? Would it be an adorable little thing or would it be like the spawn of the devil back to take revenge because I was difficult as a child as well and now haha I’m going to get a taste of my own medicine?

And that thought freaked me out so much. On one hand, it seems to be quite a nice idea, but on the other hand…. Maybe not. I don’t want to be responsible for any thing. I seriously don’t even like them that much. I think I’d stick to cooing at other people’s children. 

And oh, by the way, that friend I’m referring to is X. And no, my ovaries did not explode as much as I like him. So that can mean only two things. One, I’m really not that into him anymore. Two, I really really don’t want to give life to anything. So there. 


Marigold. (That’s what I’ll be called if I’m a powerpuff girl)

Misery loves company, and I’m feeling miserable in every bone in my body. So much so that I’m going to pour out all my work woes today even though I’m usually quite subtle about it. I’m sure Mercury is going into retrograde today. For one, I was late 20 minutes for work today (I usually arrive at least 15-30 minutes early) due to horrible traffic, the horrors! Received a snarky comment from my boss, as if I wasn’t already embarrassed. 

And then I had my turn to present at a meeting. Only to have my boss tell me I got everything wrong and that was not what she wanted. She so did not say that last week I swear. So now, guess who has to do a second presentation two weeks from now.  And since I was supposedly completely “off the charts”, you’d think I’d be dismissed quickly right? WRONG. I was forced to sit there for a full hour. And you think I’ve already got it bad? WRONGER! She basically treated me as if I had some learning disability and kept asking me “Do you understand?”, and when I affirmed, she still kept asking “Are you sure?”. Well, the last I checked, my mental capacity has not deteriorated. 

Now you must be thinking, you poor thing, but that must surely be it? WRONGEST!!! She next implied that I wasn’t working! That to me, was a great insult, and I nearly, very nearly wanted to bang the table and storm out. But I obviously didn’t, though I’ve sworn at her and her ancestors 50 generations back in my head. 

And of course after I left the office to do what I usually do, I met just about the bitchiest clinic staff from hell. Thanks, but my day was already so far down south I was almost unfazed. 

Someone said I must have offended my boss. I cannot think of any example because I’ve been doing her bidding and delivering good results month after month. Maybe she doubted that I was stuck in traffic because she apparently told other colleagues that she used the same expressway as me and she was not caught in traffic. You see, people. You can be early for work 99 out of 100 times but nobody remembers. But the one time you are late, you morph into the biggest sinner on this planet. 

I’m so glad today is over. My entire day was really quite fucked up. To the point where I nearly wanted to curl into a ball and just cry, but I think I’m tougher than this. Now, Mercury, now that you’ve had fun being a rebel, can you please now behave yourself and turn in the right direction that you’re supposed to? I will be eternally grateful. When I wake up tomorrow, everything will go back to normal and I’ll once again be the golden child ok? Promise? I powerpuffed myself to make me feel better. So many cats! 😻