Who you calling chickin.

Because today is a leap year, therefore I have to say a few words to commemorate this day that everyone is raving about. Feel extremely heavy-lidded at the moment and I wonder if it’s because I woke up every of the five hours I had last night, or because my work day started at 8ish this morning, or it could perhaps stem from the fact that I had a heavy day of setting my targets for this year.

Then I remembered I took my rash medication because it keeps recurring, and one of them makes me very drowsy so I fall into deep sleep and not feel the itch (or urge to scratch like a monkey).

Ooh wee I’m sooo drowsy typing this. Today, I also annoyed all my colleagues and made my mother laugh by saying “chikin” in a very irritating manner. It was from a menu I saw in a Japanese restaurant this afternoon. Maybe it’s a Japanese way of spelling “chicken”. I’m going to continue saying it over and over over the next few days to everyone I meet until I get punched in the face.

I think I will regret this post when I wake up “sober” tomorrow morning.


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