Not a crime to be single.

You all know how I always say that having kids are not for me, and I’m all prepared to spend the rest of my life alone because I’m not that kind of girl who needs to be married. Putting all my hopeful (and lustful) thoughts about X aside, I really don’t see why a girl has to be married in order to be “complete” or “successful”.

However, I also understand that 98% of the people I know conform to society’s norms, and somehow, after getting hitched and having babies are not enough to content themselves, they start looking for new, exciting things to do. Like matchmaking.

Do I live in my grandparents era where matchmaking is all the rage? No. Do I belong to an extremely traditional Indian family where matchmaking is still not unheard of? No. Do I hang my tongue out begging for someone to bring me home and live happily ever after? Most certainly not. In fact, I don’t believe I ever voiced any concerns about being left on the shelf, so why do these people take it upon themselves to secure my “future happiness”?

Ok, if you really have to or else you will die, do it with some taste and discernment. I may not be some spring chicken or look drop dead gorgeous, but throwing every. single. person. with. a. dick at me is not the solution. Yeah yeah, this person may be a guy who is a homebody or has a heart of gold, but please do some QC on the physical front. My family and friends know that I’m shallow, and that appearances are important to me, so please don’t try to introduce someone who is maybe four years older, but looks at least 14 years older than he actually is.

And I know online dating is what the whole world is doing now, but don’t you understand it when I say I’m not comfortable with meeting strangers online? Yes, there are success stories for sure, but shady encounters happen maybe fifty times more before you meet a decent person. And, congratulations that you met your current boyfriend on Tinder, I’m happy for you. But, what right do you have to want to take my phone, download that stupid app and swipe through profiles for me?! Preposterous or what?!?!

You know, I’m really in a contented place right now. Spending all my money shopping, going out for drinks as and when, with whom I want, and sometimes just spending entire weekends in proximal contact with my beloved bed. Really, I’m all good.

So please, don’t try to push every unmarried brother-in-law, ex-colleague (whom I really think is gross) or asking me to try this app that app, or even suggesting random places where I can meet guys. I’ll definitely let you all know when I’m ready or desperate some day, ok?



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