The ups and down of being a Champ.

I WON!!! I present to you… *drum roll* The photo of a champ.


Gene Simmons wannabe.

For my efforts (and money spent), I won a brand new ipad mini babyyyy.

It was such a hectic week. All that meeting stuff took up a whole full day and that left me with only about an hour to transform from woman to demoness. Only had a bowl of lobster bisque the entire night as I had recurrent thoughts of self-poisoning from my dubious source of black lip liner.

Who needs to eat when you can drink and cam-whore the entire night though. I really planned to stay alcohol-free the entire night and was sipping apple juice at the beginning, but my gff/manager wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I’m ashamed to admit I drove herself and myself home after drinking five bottles of beer. But, I made sure to be extra cautious and not speed. I also made sure I wiped the makeup off my face and removed the wig before I drove so I wouldn’t scare anyone. How’s that for being a responsible citizen?

It was a good night though to see most people dressing up. Not so good was spotting a hot dude manning the photo booth. No way he ever paid me attention with me looking like a freak show. Sigh pie. It was a good thing I won or I would be doubly devastated.


Dude I really look like this (extreme right) in real life!

Credits also to my wonderful sister who illustrated my guitar from scratch and going around the island with me for last minute scrambles.

I’m surprised I don’t have as many pictures as I thought I would, but I’ll show them to you anyway. If I charged five bucks for every picture taken with me, I would probably have enough to buy another gadget. Sigh pie to the lost opportunity lol.


With Psy.


Michael Jackson was 1st runner up.


Slash came in 3rd.


With the two Avril Lavignes.


Nicki Minaj and Amy Winehouse.


Nope that's not Elvis. That's Danny Zuko from Grease lol.


Lady GaGa.

I would also like to add that I won unanimously. *beams with pride*


Me performing Rock and Roll All Night.

Ok. I think I know why hot dude paid me any attention (if at all) for the wrong reasons. I would stay 128 feet away and beat me with a stick if I saw someone looking like that. Well… Since I don’t have anyone to hug to sleep, I shall hug my mini. Cheesepie.



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