KISS me.

“I, wanna rock and roll all niiiight, and party everyday.”

Yes. I’ve been trying to learn to sing this song. Except that when I tried it that day, my siblings said my tune was wayyyyyyy off. Hmph. What do kids know about rock.

Nope I’m no rock chick, but I’m trying to channel one. My company is going to have our half yearly cycle meet this Thursday, and we’re going to have a gala dinner that same night. Except it’s not going to be really gala gala.

And the organising committee came up with the theme “Rockefeller Center” and we have to come dressed in our favourite rock or pop star. The prize for Best Dressed is an iPad mini and I WANT TO WIN IT.

So. I’ve decided to go as Gene Simmons from KISS. He actually freaks me out a little. And I’ll probably look more like a miss (get it??? Hurhurhur). I won’t be wearing his outrageous outfits (too much time and effort and probably money) so I’m going to cheat by just wearing leather and studs.

I bought a wig, will be painting my face, my sister is going to illustrate his axe guitar and all that’s left is to practice that song.

So far, I know my colleagues are coming as people like Tina Turner, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Psy, Amy Winehouse, Wonder Girls, Steven Tyler and a few more. I WANT TO WIN THIS.

Other than winning, I’m also worried about the black paint I’m going to use on my lips. Could not find a black lipstick for love nor money and might have to improvise. Problem is, we’re going to be eating and I’m afraid I’ll die of poisoning before I even have the chance to contend.

I. Wanna rock and roll all night. And party everyday.



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