The return of The Spineless Woman.

It’s 6.20am as I’m typing this, and no I did not just wake up. I have not slept tonight. Just reached home slightly over an hour ago. Where did you go gallivanting, woman??? I just came back from… X’s. The guy has been feeling a little lonesome this festive period because the people whom he’s […]

Zero distance.

The distance between Singapore and Paris is more than 10,000km, approximately between 10,720 to 10,732 depends on which map you refer to. But does this matter? Not really. At least not to me. X just returned home after a three-week sojourn, and asked to meet me. I bought lottery for real because we have not […]

He shark, me plankton.

Went to bed fuming yesterday because X and I had a minor disagreement which led to unfair accusations and it kinda escalated to unnecessary proportions. I decided to stop speaking to him (very mature behaviour, I know) and him to me. Fine. Very well. While I was in a funk (it is impossible to go […]

Men. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

Men. Can anyone tell me what’s up with them??! Sheesh. Since time eternal, men have always been complaining about how difficult it is to read women. Am I living in a parallel universe or am I actually a man who thinks he’s a woman who cannot fathom men who are actually maybe women? Because I’m […]