And it goes on and on and on. 

Ohnoohnoohno I’m slowly but surely turning into a bitter old woman! Everywhere on social media (especially Instagram), I keep seeing endless posts about weddings and things related to it. Maybe at the very very beginning, some did make me go awww, I thought some were quite nicely done blah blah. And then one day, I’m […]

It doesn’t just rain, it pours. With thunder and lightning.

I love how people judge others from the way they look. I totally understand, because I do it all the time myself haha. The difference is, I don’t voice it out especially when it’s nothing positive. Not that I’m trying to justify that doing it in my head is an honourable thing to do, but […]

Cool- The missing gene from my pool.

Shades. Sunnies. We all know they are mainly used to shield and protect our eyes from the blinding sun rays. Also used by celebrities who sometimes want to go incognito (but sometimes they select a pair 10 times the size of their head that just screams LOOK AT ME!!!!!). Me? Other than it’s sole purpose, […]