Good lordy. Has it been more than two months since my last post? I think it was the flurry of activities that all came at once. Christmas, New Year, a week-long work trip to Hanoi, Chinese New Year, more work in between, and now the corona virus making everyone here in Singapore nervous, paranoid and selfish.

Since I haven’t blogged in such a long time, let’s not talk about depressing stuff. I’ll try.

Just some quick updates. Spent the Christmas period and New Year’s with family, friends and X, and probably ate way too much. And then I went to see the fengshui lady for my annual “pilgrimage”. Basically my outlook for 2020 is the shits, with everything going awry. She basically told me to “hang on”. Ok sure.

There was one thing that she brought up. She was perplexed that love kept appearing in my numbers year after year after year, but yet I’m single as can single be. So I reluctantly hemmed and hawed about the existence of X, and how we have this ambiguous relationship dragging on for years. She asked for his birth date (he’d probably be soooo annoyed with me if he found out), and she said that our numbers show that we have fate. Whatever that means. In summary, it seems like we’re compatible, but something in both our numbers seem to stop us from taking the next step (we all know this is all him), and she hinted at me to give myself just one more year and move on with my life.

How. Can. I?! How will I manage to do that? In a teeny tiny way, we seem to have taken a half step forward- he invited me and two of his close friends for dinner during CNY, one of them his god sister. This sounds kinda ridiculous but after eight years, this is the first time I’m being officially introduced to his friends. In fact, other than the few occasions that we bump into friends while we’re out, we’ve never hung out with each other’s friends. Not that there’s a need to because we’re nothing to each other.

We’re still chatting everyday. Sometimes on the phone, most times via texts. But our average is about three hours or more. Is this even normal? Do people still have such long conversations even after eight years? I don’t even know what’s normal anymore. He makes everything that I never imagined normal, and everything that I know abnormal.


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