Rolling downhill.

Age is slowly but surely catching up on me. I can feel it. And I can most definitely see it.

I used to have almost perfect skin that was the envy of all and sundry. Nowadays, I have pigmentation spots, and weirdly, break outs that I didn’t even have when I was going through puberty. And most recently, I realised that my makeup will cake at the creases of my eyes after a day out. I’ve got fucking crows feet.

Then I’ve got my knees. You know how I’ve busted my right knee and am in perpetual pain now. I wear a knee guard during classes, and I have to bring and put them on if I’m out for long because they will start to ache.

And my hands. They have always been plump (signs of a good life I’m told, but also because I’m fat lol), fair and supple. Going for boxing classes three times a week is taking a toll on them. Don’t believe it? Let me show you. I mean… Look at them yourself! This is only over a period of two years! 😭😭😭 I’m so afraid of having wrinkly hands that I’m moisturising them about three times a day. A male friend even laughed at me last week after touching my scaly hand and said he has smoother hands than mine.

Fuck my life. I’m ageing wayyyyyy quicker than usual. I was always afraid of ageing because my fear is that I won’t age gracefully. Guess who just predicted her own future.


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