Love of My Life.

On my way to Hong Kong last week, I watched Bohemian Rhapsody (I know, I’m just slow by about a year that’s all) and I was so riveted. I always thought I only knew a couple of songs by Queen, but upon coming back and downloading their songs on Spotify, I realised I know a vast majority of their songs. Colour me stupid.

Anyway that’s not really the point I wanted to make. The moment Rami Malek came on screen, my eyes *boing-ed* like how cartoon characters have springs on their eyes. His resemblance to X is uncanny. I reckon it’s the protruding mouth to portray Freddie Mercury. Either that or I’m missing him tremendously. By the way, it’s been more than 90 days now BUT WHO’S REALLY KEEPING TRACK.

And so throughout the movie, every time Rami/Freddie comes on (which is like every scene), I keep imagining it’s X. Maybe it was the G&T I had at 10am in such high altitudes. And when the scene where Love of My Life plays, my heart wrenched. Not sure why.

So I came home and listened to the lyrics proper. And then I found tears streaming down my face. I swear I didn’t will it to happen. Something about the melody, the arrangement, Freddie’s voice did it for me. I’ve since listened to it on repeat mode for at least 80 times. And the part where it goes “You will remember/ When this is blown over/ And everything’s all by the way/ When I grow older/ I will be there by your side/ To remind you how I still love you”, I absolutely lost it.

Perhaps because it seems like what we argued about will not blow over, or maybe because now we’ll never grow older together even though we always talked about it that got me.

I’m so sad, so very sad. I’ve tried, I really did. But he’s so hard to get over.

Back, hurry back. Please bring it back home to me. Because you don’t know what it means to me.


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