(Undo) Help.


Ok I know it’s been maybe 10 seconds since I posted this. But he’s alive. I decided to try the whatsapp thing again before reaching out, and he appeared as online. He’s also well enough to change his display picture.

I think even the heavens are on my side for sending me the sign I needed to reassure my sorry ass.

So thank goodness I didn’t do anything I would want to kick myself later for. I’m sorry guys lol. I’m a worry wart.


It’s now been forever since X and I have had any form of communication. While I was slightly miffed at the beginning, it has started to become slightly concerning. He has disappeared. He used to post about work and his interests quite often on social media, but his last post coincided with the date of my last blog post- 26 April. Other than posting, he used to frequently watch my insta stories too, but he has seemingly not come online for a reallyyyyy long time.

To be honest, I’m worried if something bad has happened to him, plus I don’t quite get a good vibe about him being “missing”. But on the other hand, I don’t want to make the first move and text him because of my ego. I know, I know, having a big ego never did anyone good, but after all the things I slammed him for in my previous posts, I definitely don’t want to be seen as crawling back to him.

We do not have any mutual friends (because he’s never introduced any of his friends to me), and the only people I know are his mother and brother. But it’s also not as if like they’re my BFFs and we have each other’s contacts and stuff. I’ve done all the stalker-ish things I can in order to find out if he’s well. Like trying to see his ‘last seen’ on whatsapp. But I can’t see shit because perhaps we haven’t talked in awhile (I don’t even know how these things work).

So the only thing left right now is to really try to reach out to him. I mean, any friend could and would show concern for another person right? But tell me. What do I say? Would a “Hey, how are you?” suffice? Or would that still sound a tad desperate? But to be honest, I’m a little bit afraid. Of receiving bad news. Or no news for that matter. Seriously, what would you all do in my shoes? This time, my question is not rhetorical.


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