To the nunnery I go.

Remember my annual “pilgrimage” to the fengshui lady that I last talked about last year (post called Providence in January last year)? I just went to see her a couple of days ago. I usually go see her before Chinese New Year, but this year I simply didn’t have time.

So I just read my above said post and I’m getting the heebie jeebies. She saw through my numbers that I’d change jobs because this one will be fraught with gossip and whatnot. But yet, when I asked about changing this year, she advised against it because she said I’d still be unhappy. FML I’m really starting to believe that I’ve got a problem.

What’s creepy about this year’s reading has actually got to do with my current very non-existent love life. So apparently, I will have not one, not two but FIVE 桃花s this year! For non-mandarin speakers, those two words literally translate to Peach Blossoms. These words are usually associated with love and romance. Something like luck with the opposite sex. There can be good or bad ones (just like how in real life we can either meet nice people or douchebags). Then she dropped the first bomb. These five men will either be a) younger than me, or b) have an existing family.

Fuck my life to the max ok. I have NEVER dated younger men due to personal preference and I absolutely abhor home wreckers. Now she’s telling me I could potentially be one??? When I objected rather strongly, she said when it comes to fate or providence, you’re not going to escape from it no matter what. She then tried to make me feel better by saying the man (men?!) could be a divorcée, and I did not come in between anyone. Ermmmm I don’t think that’s much of a consolation. How am I going to lift my head up and face the world if I ever break up a couple??? Just let me continue to be single please!

And if you think that revelation is shocking, wait till you hear the next one. She then proceeded to tell me that I will get married in 2021. As in very confidently. There was no disclaimers or maybes, she just said I WILL be married in 2021. Help. Thinking back on allllll those years ago when I first met her when I was still in my 20s, she told me that I’d only get married after the age of 36. I think that was eight or nine years ago. In 2021, I’d be 37. My numbers seem to be very consistent after all these years. But I am a bit spooked even though I just laughed it off when she told me.

What am I going to do? I’ve been single for 14 years this year (OMG OLD MAID!!!). As much as I cannot seem to let go of X, I still envisioned a single life ahead. When I announced this on my insta story, I had so many friends congratulating me in advance. Chill out guys. Congratulate me only if it materialises ok.

I’ve always said I visit this lady because she’s been quite spot on, but I usually take her advice with maybe a handful of salt at best. I’m not going to sit around and wait for the five men to appear, or start to plan a wedding lol. We’re already almost done with the first quarter of 2019, so how am I supposed to meet, know, date and marry a person in two years? It’s too rushed for me. I cannot. But I’m just putting this out here so that we can look back and review this come 2021. Watch this space my friends, and wish me luck (that it won’t come true).


4 thoughts on “To the nunnery I go.

    • Hahaha.. she does numerology based on your birth date and time. Mostly it’s general stuff like what to watch out for, but so far she’s been quite accurate in terms of me seeking work advice and such, this is the first time she’s so specific lol

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