The miracle.

Happy Lunar New Year my online friends! And holy mother of god I’ve a miracle to report, someone contact the Vatican for me. For the first time in god knows how many years, I did not get the dreaded question about my dating life! I think my relatives have given up on me and believe that I will be destined to become an old maid. It’s ok, if thinking that allows me to have peace from this day forth, then think what you want.

This year has been relatively quiet though. Usually I’d have to do my visitations for two days, but this year I only had to fulfill one day, which was why when X invited me over for day two, I said ok. In case you voted in your head for which of the two dresses I wore, I hope you guessed right (not that there’s any prize to be won anyways) if you were even bothered lol. Also sharing some of my annual family shots.

This year, I collected a surprisingly decent amount of money, because like I mentioned in my previous post, it has dwindled quite pathetically over the years. Guess who’s having the last laugh for being unmarried. Also, it could mean that my relatives are doing economically better hahaha.

X and me have this thing, where our hang out sessions at home runs late into the night. Like if I’m invited for dinner, it could easily stretch to six or eight hours. He invited me over for an early lunch, so I estimated that I’d be home latest by dinner time. But no, we have broken our record. I was at his place for a whopping 11 hours yesterday. I went for lunch, awkwardly met some of his extended relatives, got coerced into staying for dinner by his mum, hung out, went for a walk, and very nearly extended my stay into supper time. His relatives were very surprised to see me of course, and I’m sure they secretly asked his mother if I’m his girlfriend. His mum too, furtively asked me why her son doesn’t want to get married (how would I know- he’s your son lol), and asked me if I have a boyfriend. When I told X about it, he joked that his mum already laid out the puzzle pieces for me, and all I needed to do was to put it together for her. But dude, you’re the one who doesn’t want to be with me, so what were you expecting?

My parents on the other hand, were also speculating. I told them that I’d be home for dinner, so they were very surprised when they realised I was at his place the entire day. My dad asked what was going on, and my mum told him point blank that we’d never get together. I wonder what goes on in their heads. Would they be disappointed in me for “wasting my time”, or would they be angry with him for “leading me on”, or perhaps be mad at me for being stupid.

Anyway I had an absolutely wonderful day with him and his family. We took a nice picture that resembles a family photo but I won’t show it unless he gives his approval (he does not understand why I like to share my life on social media). What amazes me is that we can talk about anything under the sun even after almost seven years. Our phone conversations still lasts for a couple of hours. We’re like partners, without the intimacy lol. Even my own friends do not believe that we are not sleeping together (those horny bastards).

The festival lasts for 15 days, but that’s about all the excitement for me during this period. I’m heading across the border with the boys tomorrow for the weekend, so maybe we’ll indulge in more merrymaking then.

May the year of the Pig bring prosperity, luck, joy, abundant wealth and good health to everyone, whether you celebrate CNY or not!


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