The annual battle.

Chinese New Year is coming. Just two more sleeps away. When I was younger, it would be a festival that I very much looked forward to; wearing new clothes, eating traditional food cooked by grandma, stuffing my fat face with all the yummy bakes, playing cards and of course, receiving red packets containing money.

On hindsight, I never saw those money. It would be passed to my parents for safekeeping and keep they would, safe from them it wasn’t.

Now that I’m much older, I actually dread CNY. Mainly because relatives keep asking questions. Mainly to do with my dating life which is non-existent. Over the past couple of years it has intensified because even my younger cousins are getting married. And then there’s always the old maid comments. Even though these people are related by blood, sometimes I really hate them. They don’t seem to understand that I’m happy like this. And why do I need to spend so much time explaining my point of view.

The only thing I look forward to is still wearing of new clothes. Though technically, I wear new clothes all the time haha, but I prefer traditional clothes which is a little too fancy for normal days. Grandma is no longer around but my godma’s helper tries to replicate her cooking. I barely touch the goodies because diabetes. And when I do go near them, I’d get judgey looks and comments like “are you sure you can eat that?!”. Very very annoying. Bitch I’ve lived with diabetes for more than 17 years and I’m still surviving so don’t you dare turn into a doctor and judge me. But to save all these trouble, I’d rather not eat. I still collect red packets because tradition says that as long as you’re unmarried, you’re still entitled to receive them. But over the years, I’ve gotten lesser and lesser, plus because I give out some to my parents, younger siblings, maternal grandmother and two sets of godparents, what I receive is no where even close to what I give out. But it’s ok, it’s also a season for giving.

I have not really decided which dress I’m going to wear yet, but I’ll give you guys a sneak peek if you’re interested. The only other person who has seen these mock-ups is X. And I’ll also do a refresher on what I wore the previous years.

2018 CNY Day One

2018 CNY Day Two

2017 CNY Day One

2017 CNY Day Two

2016 CNY Day One

And here’s my dresses for this year…

Have not decided which one to wear for day one, will try them on again tomorrow and gather some family votes haha..

If you’re celebrating CNY too, then I’m wishing you a prosperous and happy year ahead! And hope you don’t have annoying relatives to fend off.


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