The return of The Spineless Woman.

It’s 6.20am as I’m typing this, and no I did not just wake up. I have not slept tonight. Just reached home slightly over an hour ago. Where did you go gallivanting, woman??? I just came back from… X’s. The guy has been feeling a little lonesome this festive period because the people whom he’s been celebrating Christmas with for the past 15 years are not around this year. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’d be with you in a heartbeat. He was so bored he actually called me on Christmas Day to have a chat and we made dinner plans. That’s where I was tonight. Or last night, more accurately.

Sometimes I wonder if he realises what he says. When I offered to come over to keep him and the cat company, he said, “We can have a little family gathering”. Did I hear you right? So dinner we had. Our three-course dinner + tea became an eight hour affair. Not a literal affair, if that’s what you thought about me striking the jackpot lolol, but we just talked. About everything under the sun, moon and stars.

I had a good think about it, and it warms my heart that I have this soul mate but not quite soul mate to talk to. Who else can proudly say they can talk non-stop (except for toilet breaks and when he was tinkering about in the kitchen) for eight full hours? It would have continued if I did not check the time and gasped loudly. I blame it on the thought of having to drive home and worrying about falling asleep at the wheel.

But babe, these eight hours feels like two (or less) when I’m with you. I miss this so so much. It’s now 6.35am, I can hear the birds chirping and I really have to go to bed. Seems like I’ll be having sweet dreams tonight. Rather this morning. I guess the people who coined time flies when you’re having fun really knew what they were talking about.


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