Sucks to be you.

I’m so glad to be living in the present than in the past. I’ve been watching some period dramas (think ancient China) and a local production which shows life a century ago, and boy, do women have it tough in those days.

Like in ancient China, all those women who were a part of the emperor’s harem, either were obsessed with birthing his child, or scheming against one another. I would never survive then. I would probably be tricked by those cunning women and die an early death. And I know bearing the emperor’s child was a big deal (especially if it’s a son), but seriously women, there’s more to life than that ok. And all they ever did was to walk around the garden admiring flowers (which I hate), doing some form of embroidery, or eat snacks and have tea. And to seduce the emperor, I’d either have to ace the art of sensual dancing, or be super coquettish. Yucks. Gag Central. All these while trying to fend off enemies and racing to be on top. Thanks but no thanks.

Then the show about lives a century back. Women still had it tough. Your marriage would be arranged and you had no say in it, and you’re expected to cook, clean and be a sow basically. And if your family falls on hard times, you’d either be sold off to prostitution or raped as a form of punishment.

The past weeks as I’m watching these shows, I say a silent prayer of thanks that I wasn’t born in those era. It may be fiction but I believe that it was inspired more or less by real lives back then. Also thankful that I’m born in this part of the world, because patriarchal (and egoistical) societies still exist in other parts of the world. And it’s really sad (have also been watching documentaries about women being degenerated in general).

I’m so grateful that I have the freedom and independence to travel, work, socialise and behave the way I am without worrying about my safety, or whatever society would say, especially because I don’t conform to social norms. I cannot imagine what my life would be if I had to follow the template of life that my ancestors did. Perhaps I’d be a rebel. Or I’d be dead a long time ago because nobody likes a troublemaker.



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