Zero distance.

The distance between Singapore and Paris is more than 10,000km, approximately between 10,720 to 10,732 depends on which map you refer to. But does this matter? Not really. At least not to me.

X just returned home after a three-week sojourn, and asked to meet me. I bought lottery for real because we have not physically met in about two years, but here he is, asking me out. Against the angry, imaginary voices of all my friends who so condemn him, I went anyway hahaha. The forbidden fruit is tempting indeed.

We had dinner, and went for a cuppa, and then all of a sudden he announces that he has something for me. I was thinking maybe he brought me orangettes because that’s what I love from Paris. To all who did not read my blog from eons ago, this man absolutely loathes buying gifts for people. But I have been very fortunate to have received two bags from his trips in 2012 and 2016, bags which I still treasure and use to this day. So there my greedy guts was cheering Yay food!, but then he whipped out this tiny little paper bag smaller than my palm.

Holy cow it looks like jewellery! I mean only jewellery usually comes in such ridiculously sized bags right? To be honest, I felt a slight trepidation when he asked me to open it. I wanted to joke if he was asking me to marry him but I stopped myself because we all know that ain’t going to happen yo. So with slightly trembling hands, I opened the even tinier drawstring bag, and out tumbled a necklace. Holy shit.

And then there was meaning behind it (although this man hates buying gifts, he puts tons of thought into them when he does), part bringing a memento of Paris home to me, part blessings for me. And then he told me the story of how it took him an awfully long time to decide what to buy, which colour to buy (even thinking of how it’d complement my skin tone), if it would suit me, and most importantly, if I’d love it. Silly. Seriously he could have brought home a fallen leaf and I’d still cherish it.

And then my heart started racing. Spineless woman! I know that we will only be friends till the day we die, but I couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. The irrational side of me said, “Woman, he likes you!”, but the logical part of me was mildly (very mildly) annoyed because why do this to me if we’re just friends? Friends don’t buy jewellery for each other and put that much thought into it.

However, I’m happy to report that my feelings for him are no longer as strong. Not because I have my sights on someone else, but because I know if I keep doing that to myself, I’m the one who’s going to end up hurting. But I love this man, I really do. (Blocking off the angry, imaginary mob of friends.)

Nevertheless, I’m extremely touched at the effort he put into the gift and I think no one else will ever come a close second for me. I’m spoiled for life.


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