Did you really just say that?

I just shared a post on IG relating to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and the stupid things that people say to me every.single.day. So I thought it’d be fun to engage you in some mass eye-rolling activity together. These are just a few of my personal “favourites”.

  • “Can you eat that?!”

Omg. I hear this almost on a daily basis. People actually watch me put things in my mouth. Worse are some of my work colleagues who think they are experts just because they sell insulins. They question EVERYTHING I eat. Or even during festive occasions. Come on guys, that single pineapple tart that I eat once a year is not going to kill me. I’ve had this for 17 years this year, I believe I know what I’m doing, so give me a break.

  • “But.. But you don’t look diabetic!”

Okayyyy. So am I supposed to have T1D tattooed across my forehead? Many people always exclaim that I look healthy or normal. Last I checked, Diabetes is an endocrine disorder, it doesn’t give me a third eye or leg. Or perhaps you expect me to be in a wheelchair with all my limbs falling off like wilting petals. Just go and educate yourself a little more so you don’t come across as looking like the village idiot. πŸ™„

  • “Have you tried eating/drinking *this*? It will cure you!”

First and foremost, this is an illness not a disease. And I’m sure if there was a cure, I’d be cured by now. Unless you’re one of those who believe in the Big Pharma Conspiracies, then you can leave now.

  • “I don’t know how you do it, injecting yourself so many times a day. I’m sure I can’t do it!”

Errmmmm. Of course. This is the trade off for wanting to be alive. Can you believe people actually make stupid, brainless comments like these?!?! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  • “I’m sure you’re used to it (injections) by now, so it’s not painful right?”

Hello, this is flesh we’re talking about. Of course it fucking hurts sometimes when I hit a wrong spot. Did you think I surgically attached steel abs or something?

  • “You’re going to be a burden someday.”

SO ARE YOU, YOU BLEEDING IDIOT. Burdening somebody with your pure idiocy and ignorance.

  • “T1 is the more serious one compared to T2 right?”

Again, go google it or something. One is not worse off than the other, it’s just some parts are not working as well as they should (in layman terms) genetically. In other words, our (T1s) pancreas just gave up on us.

  • “You shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.”

And you should be minding your own business. What are you? My mother? FYI my mum doesn’t even control me. I cannot be controlled. I do what I want, when I want. I’m here for a good time, not a long time. If I restrict myself to everything then what’s the fucking point of living? I know I can be excessive but really, just shut it.

  • “Omg I think I may have diabetes too!” (After asking what the signs and symptoms are)

If you suspect you are, go see a doctor. Having one hypo episode or maybe feeling thirsty could be because you haven’t eaten or ate too much MSG. Don’t trivialise my illness and make it about yourself.

And my absolute favourite:

  • “You’re so sweet you make me diabetic.”

I don’t see the funny in this. Which part of this do you even find amusing? Don’t make a joke out of us. Quit being insensitive. Do you think it’s right if I said “You’re so poisonous you’re making me cancerous” to a person suffering from cancer? No right? So stop saying shit like that.

Off my head, these are the common ones that I get almost daily. Not sure if people are just trying to make conversations or have no filter for stupidity. If you’re guilty of saying such things, stop. Sometimes we just smile and let it pass because we choose to believe that either you’re ignorant, we’re too polite to tell you off, or we just let stupidity pass. I mean, we have to pick our battles right? I hope you had fun reading this, or at least your eyeballs got some exercise. My eyeballs are so well-trained by now that I believe it can roll all the way back into my head and back.


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