Who let out the crazies?

It seems like I’m on a roll for angry posts but I need to get this off my chest. I’ve said it before, but respect is earned, not given. I don’t care if you’re family, a friend, a co-worker, a complete stranger, an old person, or anybody at all.

Don’t think that just because you’ve done right by me once, and therefore I have to take every shit of yours. I don’t like to owe people anything, so once I’ve paid my dues (whether you think I did or not), my tolerance of your bullshit gets lower and lower. Just because I choose to be quiet does not mean I’ll let you trample all over me. Don’t expect me to grovel to you forever for that one favour you did for me. I helped you loads too so I’ve gone above and beyond what I had to do. It’s just respect I have for you. Or had.

You keep talking shit about me and tell others to talk to me so I “wake up”, but excuse me, YOU’RE the delusional one. Now you know why you have so little friends? Everything is always somebody else’s fault. You keep saying that about C, but do you realise that you’re exactly like him?! And because you keep talking shit about others, you get so paranoid and always suspect that people are talking bad about you. Well, congratulations, WE ARE. Not talking bad per se, but just discussing you in general. You think we don’t talk to each other? You think we don’t compare and corroborate versions of stories you tell us? And when we do, it just makes you look stupid and loserish.

We used to respect you because of hierarchy and we really felt that you deserve it, but sadly, not anymore. Isn’t it sad how things turned out? From someone we all looked up to to someone we look down upon. Stalk me for all I care. Go watch every instastory I post (because of your paranoia). If you think this post resonates deeply with you, then yeah, you’re probably the one I’m talking about. And like I said before, this is MY personal space, therefore I say whatever I like. So sue me.


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