I cannot claim to have the kindest heart because I don’t. Especially because my potty mouth says mean things from time to time. And I have impure thoughts about bad things happening to people who deserve them occasionally.

But what I can stake a claim to, is loyalty. Except to the corporate world because look where all that loyalty landed me in. But, wherever I am, I am loyal to the day I leave. To my family and friends, this takes top priority. Although this creates bias because I’ll definitely be on the side of my nearest and dearest first, at least I have their backs (until I learn the whole truth).

Friends who have sworn me to secrecy on erm secrets, will be comforted that I never rat or tell others. In fact, a very close friend recently found out that I’ve been harbouring another friend’s secret for more than five years and asked me why I didn’t tell her. Well.. Simply because the other friend made me promise not to tell. Easy as that.

So, it irks me soooooo much when I find out about people and their disloyalty. Technically it’s none of my business, but like I said, if you are mean to my people, you get a big fat X on your face. And the worse thing is, I’m potentially going to be embroiled in this even though I have zero parts of involvement. I might end up being colleagues with said traitor. I can’t reveal too much, but the gist of it is that she broke a promise and betrayed someone’s trust just to make use of, and leverage on him for her own benefit.

How can I work with such a person? And it gets better. I have actually been team mates with this person but her attitude has been a complete turnaround. I guess someone’s head got too big for her hat and perhaps I am of no use to her.

And this is where my terrible mind comes in. I hope and pray that she does not get the job. I don’t want to be colleagues with her again. Anymore. I don’t want to be part of her disloyalty even though I’m not directly involved in this. But ugh. Filthy animal. Be gone.


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