Perfect as punch.

Hello from KL (again)! Soon, this place will be my second home. Can you believe I’m all ready for bed at this time? The last time I ever attempted to go to bed this early was how about never.

Listening to Perfect and I’m getting all the warm fuzzy feels again. Perfect for continuing my story, this time about the good people in my life. If you remembered, my last post were about the people who kicked me while I was down, so this post will be the complete opposite. I have so many to be thankful for.

My family obviously. I don’t mean to take them for granted but isn’t that what we all expect from them hahaha. While they’re not the kind to openly express concern, I know they are, through their own little ways. Like watching me from the corner of their eyes when I’m having a hypo episode, and congratulating me when I return home after an appointment bearing good news (even though sometimes they don’t understand shit lol). Well, they also don’t have much of a choice don’t they? Because we all live together. But it really makes me happy inside when I sometimes read/watch a sad story/documentary about some lonely old woman who died at home and no one knew until her body started to rot and I will lament and remind them to come visit me more often in future. And they will always say, “don’t be mad, what about us?”. 😢

The next person, though some of you might have the urge to stone me, I cannot not mention. He is X. I’m not exaggerating or putting him on an unnecessary pedestal, but the amount of care and concern he has demonstrated is even beyond what my family has ever done. He’s also the first man who genuinely didn’t give a shit that I’m diabetic (without the sole purpose of just trying to get into my panties- and yes, I’ve met an A class asshole like that). He’s always checking on me if I’m unwell and offering me remedies to improve my ailments. When I had that cancer scare and my TB episode, he did so much research he could probably get another degree. He kept checking on me because all I was doing was crying lol. He specially cooked healthier meals just for me, and cooked my favourite foods just because. And not once had he tried to take advantage of me, though I wish he did hahahaha. He sends me pictures of his cat when I’m sad. He verbally bashes people who have done me wrong and is always on my side despite not knowing those people. He says crazy and silly things just to cheer me up when I’m in a pissy mood. There’s so so many other things he did for me which was why I fell so deeply for him. But I shall stop here because I have other people to thank.

My kindest, most generous friend HM. We started out as colleagues almost six years ago but she’s now one of my closest. Very motherly, really big hearted and dependable person. She was also there with me in my TB days, accompanying me for checkups even though I told her to stay away in case I infected her as well, and comforting me when I was so scared that the lump was cancerous that I burst into tears while waiting to do a blood test. Because she was a nurse and in the same industry, she shares my joy whenever I have good news as if those results were hers. She gifts me stuff and always refuses to take my money. Plus she has the most contagious laughter that will take away the funk from anyone. I love this woman.

And then there are the boys. We rarely talk about health related stuff because it seems like boys don’t talk about such things in general, especially when emotions are running high. But what I can count on them for, is being around for me whenever I feel like shit. One message and they gather. Ironically even though alcohol is not the best remedy for me, sometimes that is what I really need. I’ve known them for more than half my life now, so I think it’s safe to say that they’re here to stay.

Thinking of all these people makes me happy. And so so grateful that I’m not alone even though sometimes dramatically claim that I am. Thank you all of you, for loving me in your own ways. I might not be the smartest, wealthiest or healthiest person around, but I sure know how to thank my lucky stars when I see one (or in this case, many).


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