Chips so hard to say goodbye.

Vices. We all have them. We all know there’s the seven deadly sins. In mandarin, there are namely four: 吃、喝、嫖、赌。Translated, they mean- Gluttony, Alcoholism, Debauchery, Gambling. And omg I’m guilty of two of the four! 😂😂😂

Of course I have my imperfections. In fact I can easily name you more, but bashing myself up is not on my agenda today. I just have to put it down in writing, you know, so that I will make the extra effort to achieve whatever I hope to. My first deadly sin is Gluttony. I don’t eat obscene amounts of food, in fact most days I only have two meals. But the one thing that I cannot resist. Potato chips. It’s so bad but it’s soooo good. At any one time, I can polish off an entire bag (the big ones) in one sitting. Usually happens on weekends if I choose to hibernate. I can eat two bags (or more) in two days.

Other than it being rumoured as being carcinogenic, we all also know that it’s high in fat, sodium and all the bad stuff. Putting these aside, I really shouldn’t be indulging like that because I’m diabetic and you know how much carbs each bag contains. It’s really a big weakness of mine. I can say no to desserts, resist temptation of any other food kind but those damn chips! It didn’t help that because I’ve had lots of free time lately, I’ve been scrolling through older photos and social media posts (yah I’m also narcissistic 😂), and I can’t help but to notice how much weight I’ve piled on say over the last five years. The massive double chins, how my clothes don’t fit or are ill-fitting…. Frankly quite sobering.

And also because I’ve been doing training modules on Diabetes for my new job, I’ve been reminded how badly the odds are stacked against me if I don’t keep my glycemic levels at the optimal stage. Very very scary stuff. It can get mildly depressing. But ain’t nobody got time to be depressed. Whatever happened in 2017 I want to put it firmly behind me and not look back.

Therefore, I’ve decided to seriously cut back on my snacking. I haven’t made up my mind if I should do it cold turkey or gradual weaning off because what if the former is too extreme and I end up worse than before? This past weekend, I did not touch a single packet of chips. I think that’s a good start. This weekend should be safe because I’ll be working on Saturday and have to fly off on Sunday. The first real test will be the next weekend where I’ll be all alone in Malaysia. Before I had this resolve, my plan was to go supermarket shopping to buy a bottle of wine and some snacks and just home myself up in the hotel room. Might have to review the snacks bit now haha.

If you noticed any irony in this post, it would be about my second vice- my drinking. Of course I know that I shouldn’t be drinking in such copious amounts since I’m diabetic. Of course I know that drinking is detrimental to health. But hey. One step at a time ok. I don’t think I’m quite ready to give up alcohol as of yet. Baby steps ok, baby steps. 😛

p.s: Did anyone get my pun on the post’s title? Chips, It’s, no?


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