Every year, before Chinese New Year rolls around, I visit this lady whom I call my fengshui lady. She generally “reads” people via numerology, so no two people are alike. The Chinese have this thing which they refer to as your eight characters. It is basically a set of numbers made up from your date and time of birth (I hope I’m explaining it correctly). In the olden days, where marriages were arranged, the bride and groom were matched via their eight characters, if they’re good for each other or will they bring disaster to one another. Something along those lines. Oh, people don’t really reveal their eight characters to anybody because a curse can be brought onto another person just by knowing these numbers. Hogwash or not, I’m not too sure but sometimes it’s better to err on the safe side right?

So anyhow, I’ve been visiting this lady for many years, maybe almost a decade or so. I see her every year because it’s become something like a personal tradition, and I would just like to know how my year would pan out in general. Since I’ve started seeing her, she has correctly voiced or predicted incidents which have happened even without me telling her anything. I know. Naysayers are going to say it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or something, but to each her own ok. I just take comfort in this somehow.

She was first recommended to us by another friend, and since then, I’ve brought other friends, who in turn have brought more people, so can’t say she’s a farce for sure. So anyway, since I’m enjoying my break, I thought I should go see her today before work commences. Before our session, I was telling a friend about my week in Malaysia (including Mr. Slow Dance) over lunch and then we moved on.

I went first because my friend was going to ask for her entire family. So after decoding my numbers, the first thing she said to me (I’ve translated everything that she said already) was: “This year, you’re going to have luck overseas with the opposite sex”. Immediately I looked to my friend and we both burst out laughing because I was just telling her about him a while ago! I mean, how specific is that?! Why not just meet someone, but someone from overseas??? I have to admit I was half impressed and half spooked.

And then she asked why I changed jobs (this I told her), because apparently 2017 was my year and a promotion was even in sight. I told her that crazy woman probably has stronger numbers than mine hahaha. And then she dropped another bomb. That my new workplace is going to be fraught with gossips and I will change jobs again.

Noooooo, I bleated. I cannot change anymore. If I change, I’m going to be labelled as a job hopper and the past five years of building a reputation would go down the drain. And then she said, “Ok you can counter this work thing by putting in effort in a relationship!”. Not sure if she was jesting or being serious, but again I bleated like a sheep. How can I make a choice like that? I want my work to go well because at the end of the day (or any relationship), I need to succeed because it’s for myself, my life!

Putting that aside, 2018 seems like a fairly promising year, with no major issues but some health ailments to look out for. I’m contented with that. I’m not naive to hope my life will have no bumps, but rather, I hope I’m able to rough it out and ride out those bumps.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I’ll take in all the good things and fulfill whatever prophecies I want to achieve, and for the not-so-good things, I’ll just take them with a pinch of salt and hope for the best.

When I came home to tell my mother where I went, her first question was “So when will you be able to get married?”. Sigh. Mothers. And when I told her what the lady told me, she looked me dead in the eye and said “Please don’t marry off to Malaysia”. Hahahaha so adorable. She’s always asking us to get married and get out but deep in her heart I think she doesn’t want us to leave her lol. Mothers! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Oh and guess what. I’m going to Malaysia again for 10 days next week 😭 for my official induction. I’ll even have to stay the weekend because it’s going to be such a hassle coming home just for the weekend. Noooooooooo… I don’t want to be 🎀🎼Allllll by myselffffffff…🎼 😭😭😭


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