Weird encounter of the work kind.

Just got back from our kick off meeting yesterday night and boy, am I pooped. Luckily for me, the new company is kind enough to allow me to continue taking a break before I start work proper in February.

There were a whirlwind of activities that took place over the four days, but I just wanted to mention this in particular. Oh. In case you’re wondering how my Aladdin-themed outfit turned out…The dinner itself was quite fun and I even won a prize at the lucky draw. Which must be a first for me because I never win at such things. Ever. The after-party though, was the bomb diggity. Free flow of beer, awesome music and a nice encounter.

So a couple of my colleagues from Malaysia were kind and friendly enough to make conversation and mingle with me (it was my unofficial first day of work so I did not know anyone other than my new manager) so I didn’t feel so left out. Other than my manager, the rest of the Singapore team retreated back to their rooms immediately after dinner. So there we were, all dancing to the amazing music and then, the band suddenly slowed down and played Perfect by Ed Sheeran. And told us to find a partner to dance with.

I immediately sat down and attempted to look busy by drinking my beer and fiddling with my phone because fuck this slow dance shit, I’ve never done it in my life.

Then this guy who I’d clinked glasses with a couple of times came over, went down on one knee and asked, “May I have a dance with you?”. I laughed and replied that I didn’t know how to, and he said he didn’t either. In my mind I was going fuck, no!, but he was still on his knee and I didn’t want to make him look bad, so I said ok and took his hand. We really did the whole slow dance shebang- clasping hands and other hand on each other. And because we were in that pose, we had no where to look but in each other’s eyes. Can you believe I actually started feeling shy??? Me. Shy! Totally unheard of. And halfway through the dance, he told me, “You look perfect tonight”. Ohmygoodlord.

Other than removing my fake beard, I still had my hair up in that ridiculous style together with the genie clothes. And he still said I looked perfect. Either he’s being nice or he has eye problems I reckon. But anyway that was about the most dramatic thing to happen that night. The next night, the Singapore team decided to gather in one room to have our dinner. Being new, the team was curious about me. Or rather my marital status. The moment they found out that I’m single, they all decided that they must get me off the shelf. God.

So they ran through the Malaysia “database” (the Singapore team is all-female), and guess whose name came up. Yep, Mr. Slow Dance. So they decided to check out his marital status. And as luck would have it, they bumped into him at breakfast the very next morning. After confirming that he’s single, they asked if he knew who Sabrina is. And he replied, “Of course I know Sabrina, she’s lovely!”. Or at least that’s what was repeated to me. I cannot help but blush. It’s so old fashioned yet have to admit that’s quite sweet. But really, who else uses lovely these days unless you’re a grandma commenting on a cup of tea?

And of course you can guess, they wouldn’t stop making fun of us the rest of our duration there that I feel a little awkward being around him.

Anyway, because of him, I came back and maybe played Perfect on loop at least 50 times. And really listened to the lyrics. So even though it was cheesy when he quoted that line, it’s an adorable kind of cheesy.

And you know what. I’ve become flavour of the month again. I told X about it (not the dance part though, and yes, we’ve started talking again after one incident), and wow, he keeps texting me. Nothing like another man coming into the picture to make you start being so hot again huh. 🙄🙄🙄

We didn’t get to say goodbye to each other because the Singapore team got held back for a discussion on our last day though I saw him hovering at the door for quite a while before he gave up. So the question i would like to ask, my friends, is, should I make the next move, wait for him to do it, or do nothing until we meet each other again in half a year? Tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Weird encounter of the work kind.

  1. ooh!
    that was really nice of him to say during the dance
    and your new office sounds fun and friendly!
    you should say hello sometime–it wouldn’t hurt 🙂

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