I’m slightly more than halfway into my one week break before I start at the new place. My original plan was to only start in February, but the new company wanted me to join their annual kick off meeting, so I had to buy myself out earlier and fly off this Sunday. They have however, kindly allowed me to continue my break after we return and start in February proper. Let’s see if I want to continue resting for a while more or rush back straight to work.

So I was informed that their gala dinner’s theme was Disney World, and my table’s theme is Aladdin. I was told this yesterday, and I fly off on Saturday, which leaves me only two days because my Friday and Saturday are already out.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really love themed parties! It allows me to be as creative as possible, and see what I can conjure out of my exploding closet. But I usually have more time than this to prepare, so naturally, I went into a slight panic mode. My sisters’ bright ideas. Saw this off the internet (sorry I don’t know who you are and can’t credit you) and I was actually kinda sold on this idea. Plus I could wear normal clothes underneath AND take it off should it get too warm.

My mother however, did not see eye to eye with me on this. She kept telling me to go as Princess Jasmine. Errrr sure, if I was 30kg lighter I definitely would. And this is the first time I’m officially meeting all my new colleagues, it wouldn’t be nice to leave a bad first impression, right? Either everyone would lose their appetite, or I’d be arrested by the police for being a public nuisance. But she’s so cute though. (In case you’re wondering what “xia suay” means, it just means embarrass in my dialect.) So I went props shopping with my younger sister today, with two ideas in mind. In the end, the cloth for the magic carpet and all its embellishments added up to quite a bit, and not really wanting to defy my mother (I’m actually an obedient daughter lol), I went with idea #2. And only because I happened to find clothes in the right colour or the carpet would have won hands down hahahaha…I guess it’s quite obvious who I’m going as right. And because the clothes are all my own, I only spent a total of S$29 on this entire ensemble! My sister helped me look on Carousell (an app for buying and selling stuff), and we actually found something as ridiculous yet awesome as this! I feel that the bag ups the ante on this outfit by a lot haha.I’ll probably have pictures only after the event, so I’ll show you when I’m back. In the mean time, I’m going to maximise my remaining off days to sleep in and basically do nothing but rest and zone out, then attend my best friend’s (one of them) wedding on Saturday!


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