Guess who’s back?

I’M BACKKKKK! DID ANYONE MISS ME??? I sure did miss the old me. Not sure if I’m back 100% but I feel much much much better to be writing again. Also, because I’ve been away for some time, this post will probably be a tad long. You have been warned.

The last two months have been trying. I finally mustered the courage and strength to go FUCK YOU and resigned. Things got so bad that I actually decided to leave without a job. That’s something that I would never do before but I guess I was so close to breaking that that seemed like a much better choice. The fear of being unemployed scared me sooo much, but my family encouraged me to leave because they too saw how unhappy I was. And my friends in the industry have been so helpful, alerting me to any job openings they knew of, or recommending me to recruiters.

Went for a few interviews (a total of about nine rounds!) and while everybody’s first question was “You’ve only been there for seven months, why do you want to leave?”, I made sure never to badmouth that bitch even though what I really wanted to do was to burn her slowly with undiluted acid, one drop at a time and watch her dissipate at snail’s pace. The bitching can be done later. The good news is that, not one but two companies want me and it was a good dilemma to have, but I did finally decide on where I wanted to go next.

Special thanks to some people next. I know that by the time one reaches the reference check stage, the job is very likely secured and more of a formality, but these people did me a favour that they didn’t have to, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you Jade for helping me. She’s my product manager who recently got promoted and left our local team, but during the time we worked together, she was always supporting and encouraging me when no others did. Thank you Mark (my ex-manager from my previous company) whom you all know better as M. Even though we had our differences (he was mad at me for leaving him then 😂, and I was angry because he made personal comments work-wise), he agreed without a moment’s hesitation to be my referee. We have since made up (a while back) don’t worry and even though we jibe each other all the time, I think we both agree that we work well together. Well, never say never, who knows what may happen in the future. My last referee that was required by the company is a current customer of mine. I panicked for a moment because those who are really closer to me are all on holidays but thankfully there was still one I could ask this favour from. Thank you Dr. Yeo who immediately agreed when I asked if he was ok to help me. This doctor was shocked when I told him I was leaving and he kept praising me and told me that he only supported and bought more of our products because me. Tell that to that bitch who always thinks I’m skiving. This doctor also told me that he said all the nice things about me to HR and hoped I’d get the job.

Well I did. Although I’m sure I made it through my own merit, these people certainly helped seal the deal. Thank you again. A million thank yous won’t suffice.

I’m not hoping for much in the next job. I just want to do well and work well with the entire team so that I go to work happy, and end the day happy. That’s all I ask for.

Just to back track a little, things started looking up towards the end of November (slightly after I submitted my letter), but I was so afraid of jinxing it that I didn’t want to write anything about it. My birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did get a lovely surprise and many many many well wishes on my birthday that reminded me that my life didn’t suck as much as I imagined. And that’s what I really needed. A reminder that I am still loved by many (whether they admit it or not).

Thank you for all the small mercies in my life.

xoxoxoxo. <<<<<<
I miss my annual cake post, especially when I've waited so many years to do 👌🏻👌🏻? 😬

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