Marigold. (That’s what I’ll be called if I’m a powerpuff girl)

Misery loves company, and I’m feeling miserable in every bone in my body. So much so that I’m going to pour out all my work woes today even though I’m usually quite subtle about it. I’m sure Mercury is going into retrograde today. For one, I was late 20 minutes for work today (I usually arrive at least 15-30 minutes early) due to horrible traffic, the horrors! Received a snarky comment from my boss, as if I wasn’t already embarrassed. 

And then I had my turn to present at a meeting. Only to have my boss tell me I got everything wrong and that was not what she wanted. She so did not say that last week I swear. So now, guess who has to do a second presentation two weeks from now.  And since I was supposedly completely “off the charts”, you’d think I’d be dismissed quickly right? WRONG. I was forced to sit there for a full hour. And you think I’ve already got it bad? WRONGER! She basically treated me as if I had some learning disability and kept asking me “Do you understand?”, and when I affirmed, she still kept asking “Are you sure?”. Well, the last I checked, my mental capacity has not deteriorated. 

Now you must be thinking, you poor thing, but that must surely be it? WRONGEST!!! She next implied that I wasn’t working! That to me, was a great insult, and I nearly, very nearly wanted to bang the table and storm out. But I obviously didn’t, though I’ve sworn at her and her ancestors 50 generations back in my head. 

And of course after I left the office to do what I usually do, I met just about the bitchiest clinic staff from hell. Thanks, but my day was already so far down south I was almost unfazed. 

Someone said I must have offended my boss. I cannot think of any example because I’ve been doing her bidding and delivering good results month after month. Maybe she doubted that I was stuck in traffic because she apparently told other colleagues that she used the same expressway as me and she was not caught in traffic. You see, people. You can be early for work 99 out of 100 times but nobody remembers. But the one time you are late, you morph into the biggest sinner on this planet. 

I’m so glad today is over. My entire day was really quite fucked up. To the point where I nearly wanted to curl into a ball and just cry, but I think I’m tougher than this. Now, Mercury, now that you’ve had fun being a rebel, can you please now behave yourself and turn in the right direction that you’re supposed to? I will be eternally grateful. When I wake up tomorrow, everything will go back to normal and I’ll once again be the golden child ok? Promise? I powerpuffed myself to make me feel better. So many cats! 😻


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