And it goes on and on and on. 

Ohnoohnoohno I’m slowly but surely turning into a bitter old woman! Everywhere on social media (especially Instagram), I keep seeing endless posts about weddings and things related to it. Maybe at the very very beginning, some did make me go awww, I thought some were quite nicely done blah blah. And then one day, I’m so desensitised to this whole thing that I find myself getting irritated at the little things. 
Like, why do people keep calling it “my big day”?! It is a special occasion but what’s so big about that day??? And you know, where I am, most weddings are cut from the same mould. I haven’t been touched (emotionally not physically. Actually physically TOP on second thought) since I don’t remember when. I honestly attend weddings because I’m unable to turn some down and for the alcohol. If I have to pay a minimum of $200 per wedding I might as well get smashed. And seeing how I’ll probably not be married in this lifetime, this money is literally money down the drain. Imagine the bags or clothes I could buy. 

So as I was saying.. I’ve observed that weddings are just one great big show. Yeah sure, you’ll be in the limelight in front of hundreds of people, but what really is the point? One barely has any time to mingle with their guests, so saying you want to receive blessings is kind of a tall order. 

So yes. I’m annoyed at how people make weddings out to be such a great deal because I really think what’s most important is how a couple celebrate their union, their new life together, not so much of these bells and whistles. 

If you invite me, and if you’re important enough, of course I’ll still be there, hoping my well wishes reaches you somehow. But don’t be surprised to see me being unenthusiastic. Just make sure you serve enough alcohol (hate couples who stinge on this aspect) and I’ll look really happy in the photos. 

See. If I’m not turning into a bitter old prune, I don’t know what else is. 


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