Been there, done that. 

Am I getting lazy? Or do I have fewer things to write about these days because of my lack of a social life? Anyway, I’ve been to Sydney and back, and while I usually gush about my holidays, I just didn’t have the feel for this one. Maybe because it left a bad taste in my mouth but since I spent way more than I fucking intended, I’ll just talk about one of the highlights. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

I opted to do the night climb because I didn’t actually see the city after twilight can you imagine that. I also did the full climb because since I was already way over budget, why not just go bigger right? Then because I figured this was going to be one of those once in a lifetime kind of thing, I paid even more money to get a nice memorabilia out of it. 

I have to say I was very impressed by the way the climbs were organised. If I remember correctly, the whole preparation process took about 40 minutes, but of course safety is of utmost importance so that was really necessary. So most of the days while I was there, I had perfect weather. And we all know not everyday is Sunday, so the day I did my climb, it rained the whole day. No. Rain is not even the right word to use. It was fucking pouring. 

Our guide was really upbeat about it though. She kept going, “How often do you get to climb the bridge in the rain?!”. Well, personally, I’d prefer it if I had clear skies so I could admire the cityscape better. 

And because climbing the bridge is such a touristy thing to do, everybody else were either in pairs or as a family. Except me. And I had to be the only Asian. Who is diabetic. So right from the start I was singled out like a sore thumb because I had to keep raising my hand when they asked if anyone had an illness they needed to be aware of, if anyone had any medication (had to carry a small bag of sweets in case my blood sugar levels dipped during the climb) to be brought up, etc. 

And because the weather was supposed to be cold-ish, I wore a sweater and jeans to it. Ohmygod. So we all had to put on a full jumper, and another pair of rain pants, and because it was pouring, we put on the rain jacket too. So you can imagine how bulky and chunky we all looked. I’m sure we looked as good as we possibly could under those circumstances. Well, I felt as sexy as a marshmallow. And because we were walking and climbing, I actually perspired like mad inside. Not a good feeling. 

The climb itself was quite scary at certain points because of the rain whipping at us and the winds whooshing around us. And that traffic was whizzing below us. I know I’m not a very fit person but I thank the gods I used to stair-climb home everyday (operative word: used to lol), because some legs were quite intense and I was panting non-stop hahaha. 

And remember I said I paid extra for some souvenir photos? So I had grand plans of looking nice to make everybody else jealous. I styled my hair and put on a bright lippie colour. But of course, since when does things go according to plans right. Because of the downpour, my hair was matted and messy because we kept putting the hood of the rain coat up and down up and down. And I know exactly how my hair reacts to rain. It just sucks. 

So when it was time to select my photos, I just wanted to squat down and wail. I had eight pictures taken and they all looked like fuck. But I already paid $35! So I had no choice but to choose the best out of the worst. It was a good thing I wore a bright lip colour or I’d look worse. It’s so bad I refuse to show them to anyone (other than my family who of course laughed 🙄🙄🙄), and I posted a really tiny, faraway version on Instagram. So small that you can’t see no details no matter how hard you zoom in. And you’ll get to see the same photo. The view was great though. 

So now that this has been done, I’d probably never do it again. But it was a good experience. Except that I’d like to caution not to do it when it’s raining because the steps are very slippery when wet so all you care about is not to slip and fall and die (I slipped a couple of times, nearly spraining my ankle once). And when you’re so focused, your attention from the guide doing the introduction gets diverted. So check the weather forecast obsessively before you book your climb. 

And if you don’t already know, I’m the queen of merch (some people might prefer the word sucker), so how could I not do this? 😂😂😂 I did the climb so the bear can come home with me. 


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