Just returned from a weekend getaway to Bangkok late last night and I’m still knackered. Four days of shopping, eating, drinking and getting burnt by the merciless sun. It’s a good thing I had the foresight to take a day off today to recuperate. Man, am I tired. 

I had to wake up at 4am on Friday morning to wash my hair and head to the airport running only on two hours of sleep, and not forgetting I had a full day of work the day before. That will explain why my eye bags are as big as my eyes. 
I got the bigger room because I’m the only girl and guys have this thing about not being able to share a bed with another guy. I wonder why. Our apartment was quite cosy, and I really appreciate all that space I had. ​

We went shopping the moment we dropped our bags, and can I say, I shopped the least amongst us three. Buying a carton of instant noodles was one of the highlights for me. People who know me know that instant noodles are my life. I know they are really bad for health and stuff, but it’s my source of comfort food and no one can stop me, not especially when they only cost S$0.20 per packet! So I bought 50 packets hahahaha. 

Went to this really beautiful bar/ distillery at night and I really loved the place. The ambience was great, the music was fitting, and the drinks delicious. I lamented to the boys that if I brought a date instead of them, I would so want to make up with said fictional date because it was that fitting. And I’m not even a romantic person. 

(This will probably the last picture of me with a “clean” back because my tattoo appointment is just around the corner.)

We did more shopping on day two and the primary reason why we went was to party, so party we did. 

Tired from all the late nights, we took it easy on the third day (with more shopping lol). 

And my haul for the trip. Not pictured here are some t-shirts that I bought for family, three pairs of sandals and some snacks. But really, I don’t think I’ve met another girl who goes to Bangkok and buys so little. Day four and homaigawd I’m so tired and ready to go home. Coming back, people were sniggering when my carton of noodles came rolling out while being tagged as priority baggage and a “fragile” sticker. Laugh all you want people, but I’m the one having the last laugh. ​​

​xoxoxoxo. ​


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