My tattoo journey- Part three. 

Omg guys. There originally wasn’t a part three to this! But the road to completing this tattoo is so fraught with obstacles I’m starting to wonder if the stars are trying to tell me something. 

The original original plan was to start on it in January, but my tattoo artist had some issues with her back so we postponed it. Then the date was set for last weekend and I went all the way only to find out that she couldn’t start because she found more issues!

See the dip/indentation across my spinal area? Yah that’s the problem. Because if we place the pin-up girl right smack in the middle of the diamond, her face is going to end up right where the dip is. And you can imagine how weird she’d look. Like maybe she’d look like a melted wax figure. Eeewwww. 

While I’m extremely relieved that this was spotted before we started, it still is a tad frustrating. And guess what, because of that dip, we are now going to have to make the tattoo even bigger. So her suggestion was to add some stuff (like maybe flowers) on either side of the diamond, and then the girls will be perched on the edge of each side. Holy guacamole. I did tell her I have zero interest in flowers actually, but seeing as how “vintage” each element is, that seems to be the only way out. If the overall effect ties together nicely, I wouldn’t mind it at all. We’ll have to wait and see her final sketches. 

So now, my appointment has been pushed to close to end of March. And I’m just a little concerned about the size. So because of the extension, not only will the entire tattoo be big in terms of length, but width too. And you can see that I have a fairly wide surface area to begin with. Imagine my entire lower back filled. Yup, that’s the size we’re gunning for because any smaller, and the girls’ facial features and finger details would be all smooshed up. I did however tell her that I want to keep the tattoo below the bra line for certain reasons (i.e my mother flipping). I’m very very sure she’d flip anyway. But let’s try to minimise antagonising her haha. 

While I was fully prepared at how tall the tattoo would be when I first set my mind to doing it, the lapse in years made me get used to what I have now. I have a very strong feeling that I’d love it when it’s completed, but I think trying to imagine my back being coloured and filled up in backless items of clothings might need some getting used to. 

Don’t worry. I don’t do things only to regret them later (except for that one blip in my life which shall never be brought up again), and I definitely won’t do things that I’m unsure of. This was something that I really wanted since years ago and it was just unfortunate that it dragged on for longer than it should. And of course, from now till my appointment, should I have any form of hesitation, I’ll pull the plug on it (which shouldn’t happen unless the final sketches are not up my alley). After all, this is going to be a part of me for the rest of my life and I will remain committed to it. 

You know what’s most agonising? The waiting. I keep prepping myself for the pain and healing period and it keeps on not happening. I’m no spring chicken anymore. My heart cannot take such excitement time and again. The countdown begins. Again. 



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