Are we there yet?

Time is just whizzing by it’s unbelievable. February already! The lunar new year debauchery has kinda ended for me and I couldn’t be more glad.

Year after year, it has become more of a duty and a chore instead of it being a time of revelry. The thing I enjoy most is the dressing up because I get to buy more clothes. I don’t even get that many red packets anymore and the snacking is overrated too. And because gambling is not my cup of tea, I’m basically left with watching my toe nails grow. Inspiring. 

So let’s talk about happier times. Like my clothes for example. This year, I narrowed my list down to two dresses. 

Both were awesome (but of course), but the cobalt blue one actually had zero votes! Both my sisters said that it was too formal and one of them even went as far as asking if I was going for prom. Pffftttt. 

So the red it was. Another reason why I myself was more for the red was because once my tattoo gets done, this dress will show bits of it and you all know what my empress dowager mother will say about that…… Was also sadly wearing old shoes and no new bag (was this close to buying one but told myself NO). Oh I must also show you my nails which were specially done for the occasion. 

Fortune Cat yo. Please bring me lots of money and luck. X didn’t like it though. Said it was too kiddish and so not me. What is he talking about? I’m like the ruler for all things cute. He still doesn’t understand me apparently. 🙄🙄

One for the family album. See the resemblance of my mother to my grandmother? 😂😂 Hmmm people always say I look like my mother so homaigawd I’m actually looking at my future. 😭😬😱

Day one of CNY was so uneventful I was home and all showered and became one with the sofa by 11pm. Yah you read that right. Actually I was glad it ended early. All those questions about why I’m still single reared it’s ugly head at me. 

“Why no boyfriend?”

“You always go out drinking, why no luck/chemistry?”

“Your younger cousins are all settling down!”

“Who’s that guy who’s in your photos? Not him?”

Oh god. 

At one point, one of my godmothers came over and whispered to me that she’d really like to see me get married and attending my wedding before she’s gone one day. Wow no pressure there. Such a guilt trip. I hate it. Why can’t everybody just leave me alone? 

This was day two’s outfit. I lurrvvveeee my cat top. Actually bought this one and a half years ago but needed a high waisted skirt to go with it because hello tummy flabs! Guess what. The empress dowager actually complimented my entire outfit! The number of times she has done that are so few and far between. X also said that my skirt was a winner. Wow. Twice in a day from usually critical people. Must be my lucky day. 

Ended my day with the boys. K invited us to his home to drink (what else) and I maybe won 20 bucks from gambling lol. Went home too late (6am) and as usual, regretted some life decisions. I never seem to learn. Spent the whole of yesterday dragging my feet around being sullen at the thought of having to go back to work again and then WHAM! February hits me in the face. 

Once again, I seem to have much to do with so little time. Busy I am. 


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