My tattoo journey- Part two. 

***** Continued……*****

On hindsight, I should have realised that the guy wasn’t into doing my tattoo because whatever I gave him, he made no modifications or suggestions. So he went ahead to do the diamond first. Because of my condition, I made sure to wait a year because I didn’t want to take any chances. After that I went back to him to start on the girl. A couple of discussions later, he called me one day and dropped a bomb. He simply said the girl cannot be done because her legs (which were to be over the diamond) would be blue and could not be covered up. I asked for solutions or other suggestions, he just said, “sorry, none.”

Well fuck you. Fuck me. What was I to do now? The diamond on its own and its location just screams out TRAMP STAMP. I did ask around for some recommendations for tattoo artists but I was never really sure. Some artists had great portfolios, but I wasn’t sure if this genre was their cup of tea. The last thing I needed was to ruin it further. 

Therefore, many years lapsed and I almost just gave up. Till I found this artist on Instagram. Her work is awesome and she was skilful in many different genres. She does cute, dainty, fierce, etc., equally well. We’ve had quite a few discussions and she’s so helpful with ideas. She agreed that it was a mistake to do the diamond first. I asked if I should just cover up the whole thing and start from scratch but she said it was still doable and I should stick to it. 

However, to minimise the girl’s legs crossing over the diamond, she suggested doing two girls instead. She sold the idea of the alter ego thingy and I love it. The only “problem” now. It’s going to be a massive piece when it’s completed. Each girl has to be about palm-sized to be able to see her features clearly and proportionate to the diamond. Which also means it will creep onto the upper half of my back. Which is really not an issue for me but…

What that means is the limitation to my wardrobe in some ways. My mother hates all (my sister’s too) our tattoos because she says we are ruining the “perfect” bodies she gave us. She’s old-fashioned like that. She even told us this ludicrous story of how this friend of my parents was after this hot hostess for years, and when she finally accepted him, he turned flaccid the moment she stripped naked and he saw all her tattoos. Like what the fuck. If a man ever dares to judge me like that because of my tattoos then he can go fuck himself. I don’t want a penis that flops so easily either. So, in order not to antagonise her, I’ll either have to cover up or sidle crab-like if I have to pass her. And did I mention I live for open-backed tops and dresses??

Also, when I thought about getting tattoos, I never had the intention of wanting to show it off to the world (unlike some people) and flaunting it. It was always for my own admiration and appreciation. I don’t want to have to tell the story of my tattoo each time someone spots it. But I guess this is still manageable. 

My dream is to actually get a half or quarter sleeve some day. But I’m not sure if this day will ever come because I live in a fairly conservative society where people judge and stereotype you because of how you look. And if I stay in pharma, let’s just say this industry is quite “wholesome”, so I’m not sure if anyone is going to hire me if I look too intimidating. 

But it’s ok. Let’s take one step at a time. After I eventually finish this, I still have quite a few hidden parts of my body to progress. This is so exciting. I can’t believe I’m this close to completing my second one. And, X has also agreed to design something for me in future (even though he shares my mother’s stand on tattoos- to think he’s an artist himself 🙄🙄🙄). 

Watch this space. I’ll update as I move along and may even consider posting some pictures after it heals completely. Now what’s left for me to do is to convince myself that the pain is my friend. The pain is my friend. 


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