Out with the old. 


I have really mixed feelings about 2016. Can’t decide if I liked it or not but it doesn’t matter now that it’s over. Just hope that 2017 will be kinder to me. 

I’m not one to make resolutions because who has time for that shit? Can you believe after a 19-day break, I’d have to return to work in another day??? Noooooooooooo!!! Doesn’t help that I’ll have to go to some far-flung state in Malaysia for our annual cycle meet next weekend. I foresee tons of eye-rolling and bitching ahead. Way to start the new year huh. 

Before I go into rage mode…

Went for the Zara sale after Christmas and oh boy. I spent close to $400 but I’m so happy. Bought some stuff for work and some stuff that I might never wear but can I just say I’m most pleased with my oxblood panama hat and my PINK faux leather jacket?!?! Now I can be just like one of them pink ladies from Grease! *squeals*

Am actually eyeing a couple more items, so the only cheery thing about going back to work is the lunch time shopping! Who cares about food when I can buy clothes and shoes?

This was me mid pose but I joked that I’m crying because I have to go back to reality very soon. Very apt, ain’t it? And… my tweety bird clutch was also from the Zara sale- I love it!

Just in case you all are wondering, I did not drink a drop on the eve. Just hung out with family and watched them play mahjong like the homebody I really am. That’s also because I drank a shit load the night before hurhurhur. 

Am still sleeping when it’s almost dawn every night. Can I just say that I think I’ll be royally fucked when I start work again? Like look at me. It’s 4am now and I’m wide awake writing this and playing Wheel of Fortune on my phone lol. Finished one K-drama and am a bit hesitant to start a new one because the addiction can be real. Also started a new book but it will probably take me some time to finish it because hello responsibilities. 

Can I rest for another 19 days? I think it’s only fair since I gave my all to work the last 300+ days. Sigh. If only. 


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