Sloth life. 

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you all ate too much, drank loads and got what you asked for. 

I officially stopped work on 15th December and ohmygod I’ve been such a slob. I don’t sleep till at least 4 or 5am but I’m usually awake by 10am. Why?!?! Best time for me to be sleeping in but my brain betrays my body. 

Had a few gatherings the past week or so. Have been eating and drinking way too much but hey, it’s the time of the year for merrymaking right?

These are some of my ex-colleagues. Half of us are no longer with the company but we still have so much to talk about when we meet. 

Went for high tea with two very endearingly annoying people, and together, I christen us the trinity of irritants. Some drama ensued following our meet up. It was hilarious. Like I had a belly ache from the cackling. 

Later in the week, we had our team lunch and played secret santa. Unbeknownst to M, I was his SS and I must say I did such a great job pretending and acting. And you should have seen the look of disappointment on his face when he opened the booby gift- a photo frame (he previously joked that it has been a long time since he received one). I just had to make his dream come true. It was a joke. I’d never in my life give such crappy gifts. 

Can we just pause and admire my new shoes please? THEY ARE HELLO KITTY AND FRIENDS OMG. 

Ok moving on. This was us on the eve. Over the years, our group has gotten smaller but no less often. I’d trust these people with my life and more. 

I posted this on IG and X commented that it’s a weird (read: unsightly) pose. I say it’s professionalism. *flicks hair* I mean look how well the photo turned out. 

Ok not really but you get my drift. Christmas Day was a quiet-ish affair. Went over to the godmother’s house for the obligatory dinner only to have the biggest and blatant hint about asking me to go back to church. Ermmmm…

Changing the subject is what I do best and find most effective in awkward situations like that hahaha. So after dinner I escaped to J’s house to do what we do best- drink. 

All in all a good break so far. I’m enjoying being a sloth and not having to work so much that the thought of having to do so in the new year saddens me. But I can’t not afford to work. Sob. 

It’s all right I tell myself. I have one more week to enjoy this. And I will make sure I will. Now, since I’m not sleepy at all, what should I do? Watch a K-drama? Shop online? Ahhhh, decisions decisions. 



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