Happy 32nd Birthday, Me. 

Happy birthday to myself! I wish for good health and better career prospects and to be happy everyday. 

Turning 32 was really uneventful, not that it wasn’t nice for a change. Met the boys on Friday for early drinks and I insisted that I wanted to stop drinking by 10pm because I was going for high tea with my sister on Saturday and I didn’t want to feel hungover or sick. 

Met the team for lunch on Thursday before everyone starts to take turns to go on leave in December (me especially, I’m barely working hurhurhur). That was also the one and only cake I received this year. For the first time in as far as I remember, I did not get to cut a cake this year. Not that it bothers me, I’m just saying.

Then on Friday, this lovely girl brought me for a birthday lunch. She was so secretive about the whole thing but it was my first time to Singapore Botanic Gardens even though I’ve lived on this island my entire life hahaha. I won’t reveal who she is (yet), so you can admire my landscape and food photos for now (a tad lazy to edit the food photos).

Very delicious food. Will definitely return. It was a very good day. I didn’t have to work, got fed well, had drinks with my bestest friends and got a good night of sleep. 

Woke up on Saturday to a barrage (can’t help but to brag) of messages from everywhere and especially from some of my favouritest people.

My oldest friend. Known her since I was five. She’s now a mother of two and we have a running joke that we never age beyond 21.

This man is The Original Man of My Dreams and was featured quite often in my older posts. Never fails to make me feel special. I love this man with all my heart and would still marry him in a heartbeat.

And this was from X who has seen my ups and downs the past year. He wished for smashing things to come my way, basically. And I don’t know why, but I was very touched (and tickled) by his message.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t make the cut. I appreciate every single message and blessing, but some are more dear to me personally. 

My wonderful sister treated me to high tea at my favourite place where we had loads of time to just chit chat (sometimes it just gets too rowdy at home) and then we went shopping after. It was just perfect. 

I hate that my sister has such a poor eye for photography. She didn’t even tell me my eyes are not opened properly and this was the ONLY picture she took of me zzzzzzzz.

Birthday outfit. Decided to keep it simple because my sister did not allow me to overdress and make her look like a peasant in comparison lol.

Also had an early-ish night because I had an important “mission” today. As you know, my Theodore is reaching his end of life and I need a replacement very badly. So a kind friend accompanied me all afternoon to hunt for a new old car and I think I’ve found it! It is a bit more than what I’d like to pay for, but I think I got a good deal. Now all that’s left is to settle the bank loan and other paper work before I can officially call it mine. Crossing my fingers all goes well!

This has been such an eventful uneventful weekend. I’m so glad I took another day off to rest tomorrow. Byeeee bitches!

As I reflect over the past few days, I am really really really thankful and grateful for all the people around who love me in their own ways. Despite me being so difficult and annoying at times, there are still so many who tolerate me so. It truly is a great time to be alive, ain’t it?


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