50 years and counting. 

In light of me only blogging about negative things lately, here’s something to give everybody some hope and smiles. 

Last weekend, my second aunty (my dad has eight siblings) and her husband celebrated 50 years of marriage. That’s right, they made it to their Golden Anniversary. I think that’s quite amazing, especially in this day and age where divorce and cheating are so rampant and are a dime a dozen. And living with and waking up to the same face for 50 years of your life, that is a feat in itself. Not sure if I could do that. 

And I say it was amazing, because when the elevator doors opened, I actually gasped. There were throngs of people everywhere. I later found out that just their church friends alone made up more than 300 people. 300! If I ever get married, I doubt I have so many people to invite haha. 

It was all very sweet. They even walked down the aisle like how they probably did all those years ago. I had all kinds of feels that night. Goosebumps when the photo montage containing half a century of their wondrous marriage came on, touched when they shared some anecdotes about the secret of being loving to this day, and genuine happiness when I saw how much fun all my relatives were having. 

My cousins arranged all these with utmost stealth and secrecy, with my aunty and uncle not knowing a single thing and all they had to do was to show up and have a blast. The evergreen band they hired was the bomb. They played songs that I grew up with and it probably brought the older folks down memory lane because most of them went to the dance floor and boogied the night away. My dad did say he was aching all over the next day though lol. 

I really wasn’t in the best of moods that night, but I’m thankful seeing everyone so happy made me forget my own issues temporarily. 

Also, you know getting married is not one of my goals in this lifetime and I’m as cynical as cynical be, but a thought did cross my mind that it might be nice to have someone to grow old with. Just a passing thought though. Maybe not me, but I do sincerely wish all of you find a partner to live out the rest of your life, and get your own 50th too. 

Walking down the aisle with one of their granddaughters.

Us Yeos.

The nine Yeo siblings.

And another for the album with all their spouses.

By the way, I’m really loving the Boomerang app hahaha. 


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