Possessed by Grumpy. 

I get really annoyed when men blame PMS on everything. “Wow, she’s in such a bad mood, she must be PMS-ing”, “Why’s her face so black? Ah must be PMS”, and I could go on forever. 

For some reason, I’m extremely touchy today and I don’t know why. And no, I’m not PMS-ing because I’m bleeding right now (think you all should know since we’re all friends here haha). 

And the person who is at the very top of my get-the-fuck-away-from-my-face-before-I-rearrange-yours today is X. Wow this man. He goes from top of my list of favourite people to this in record time. What did he do, I hear you asking? Being himself. It’s a pet peeve of mine that he’s reading text messages from the whole world EXCEPT MINE. DON’T THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T OPEN MY MESSAGES DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T KNOW YOU’RE ONLINE REPLYING OTHER PEOPLE. DO YOU REALLY THINK I AM A FUCKING IDIOT?!?! 

It’s my own fault really. I choose to let myself be treated in this manner by this man because I’m such a weakling with zero self-control. And of course he doesn’t have time for you, since when did he have any? Now that he doesn’t need you of course you’re again on the lowest rung. 

And of course he’s charming everybody’s pants off and even using endearing terms he has never used on me. Wait a minute, of course he doesn’t use it on you, you’re just a friend to him. I swear it’s all just a plot to cheese me off. 

Fucking hell am I fucking pissed right now. He made me so iffy I’m not even in the mood to shop even though there are such fantastic online deals right now. Fuck fuck fuck. 

So no. I’m not having any PMS of any sort. I’m just fucking grouchy. Ugh. 


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