The one. 

I LOVE NOVEMBER AND IT’S FINALLY HEREEEE! I love it because it’s my birthday month and therefore I feel that it’s the best month ever. Also, usually by the time November rolls around, work tends to be less hectic and more festive because Christmas is also just a street away. 

Well, this year, I started November by being sick. Yup I’ve been sick since last Friday and am just starting to feel a wee bit better. 

Then I’m also excited because I think I’ve finally found the one. I have two tattoos and let’s just say both were equally traumatising in their own ways. The one on my back has been incomplete for years and years but I didn’t want to just jump into it and regret later. I mean, I have to face it everyday for the rest of my life. But finally, I think I found the right artist this time. Am meeting her for a consultation next week and see if she can help me complete it. Eggcites!

Spoke to X about it and he said he’ll be happy to design another one for me. However can I just say he’s so old-fashioned?! Was telling him how my mum disapproves of us having tattoos because in her words, “I gave you a perfect body and you want to ruin it!”. 🙄🙄 Bummer. And X said he agrees with her!!! What the fuck. It’s like… He’s an artist himself, so why can’t he see this as another form of art on a different kind of canvas? Sheesh. 

But it’s ok. I’m doing it because I truly want it and no one can change my mind. My mum once told a story about how this guy was after this hot chick for the longest time and after she finally accepted him, they were about to do the doo. But the moment the girl stripped, he became Mr. Floppy because he was turned off by the tattoos on her. So mum’s conclusion was, “that could be you”. Seriously if a guy was going to have a de-erection because of my tattoos, then it’d be better if he went to fuck himself. 

Strange. The drowsy meds I took are not working, I should be concussed by now. Anyhoos, will update this space once I can, please please please let her be the one!


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