The best tonic. 

Despite being diabetic and having a lower immune system, I’ve always been proud of the fact that I don’t fall sick to the likes of the common cold and stuff like that very often. Well, I must have been too smug or something. I was down for four days with a fever that wouldn’t go away in the first half of the year. But I thought that would be it. Wrong! Since Friday, I’ve been down again. First with another fever and a really sore throat, and even though the fever is gone, I’m now alternating between coughing my lungs out or hurting my already sore throat while I’m at it. 

X puts it down to my work environment (clinics and hospitals) and my refusal (it’s an image thingy) to put on a mask while working. And because of this, we had a big big disagreement where he told me he’s fuming mad. Sigh. 

We don’t really argue very often because he’s such an even-tempered person and usually he’ll talk sense into me. The most explosive argument we had was that commitment thingy a few years back that led us into ignoring each other for a long time. But that’s all water under the bridge now because we have come to an agreement never to discuss this again. 

So when he told me yesterday he was fuming mad, a little sadistic part of me was actually quite pleased because I know he cares a lot for me, hence that reaction. But then he went on reprimanding me and bad-tempered me couldn’t take it no more and said some angry stuff then proceeded to ignore him. 

Of course I regretted doing that. At the back of my mind I was thinking, “holy shit will he ignore me too because that’s what happened the last time??”. The last time I ignored him, he did the same because he said he didn’t know if I wanted him to talk to me so he waited until I initiated conversation again. 

So imagine my relief when he texted me tonight asking if I’m well yet. Oh how my heart sang with joy. Even though he doesn’t see the logic in why I do (or don’t) certain things, he’s still concerned. 

I’m really really really liking this change in him, however subtle. It’s like I keep striking lottery over and over again. Not that I want to keep falling ill, but he’s the best type of medicine I need. 



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