The bag to beat all bags. 

In a previous post dated 5th August (Malady of my heart), I talked about this bag which X bought me while he was on vacation in Paris. 

I’ve been wanting and waiting to show this bag off since I received it in July but for various reasons (being a hermit, afraid of getting drinks spilled on, getting scratched while being in crowded places, etc.), I never had a chance until this evening with him. This was brought back from Paris (just my favourite city in the world) and it has my name on it- Double love! It was also carefully chosen, which makes it especially heartwarming. 

He told me how when he first laid eyes on this bag he thought of me immediately, but didn’t want to jump into buying it as he wanted to be very sure about it. So he went to the store which he bought my first bag from four years ago to see if he’d hit jackpot again, but in the end, still decided that this was the one. I’ve mentioned how he loathes buying people gifts, so for the mere fact that he put so much thought into it makes me love him that much more. 

I really really really love this bag, and will treasure it as much as the first you bought me. Thank you for thinking of me even when you were 10,730km away. 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻



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