Forever and a day. 

Happy happy belated birthday, X! I heart you forever and a day!

He’s apparently been swamped with work (yawn) and he usually has plans on his birthday, so for the first time since I’ve known him, I went fuck it and made my own plans. And of course the universe has a strange way of aligning things, because the one year I didn’t plan anything, he has no plans. 🙄

But I did keep up with my tradition of writing him love letters hidden in the form of birthday cards…. So, that’s still something, right?

And have fun I did, even though I felt a tad guilty, but he assured me that I made the right choice because he also didn’t know if he’d be available that day. 

So I went to watch Wicked for the second time (last week with my sister) in two weeks with my team mates. Then we went for drinks. And rounded it off with a karaoke she-bang that ended at 6am. Must remind self that I’m no longer a spring chicken and such strenuous nights don’t suit me no more. 

What made my night most was X telling me how my card (my second card seems to have been lost in the mail 😔) brightened his day and made him being sick seem all not that bad. He has never said such things. I hope his being sentimental and emotional keeps up. I love it. Absolutely adore it. 

What I want to tell him is in that seemingly lost second card, and I hope that my wishes find a way to him somehow. And X, I know you get squirmish about it, but… I 🙆🏻 you, forever and a day!


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