Famous last words. 

I don’t really watch a lot of television. I’d choose books over tv any other day. I’ll watch while I’m having my meals, and here and there there are a few programs that I will catch. Now months ago, there was this mega hype about this Korean drama- Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS) and I pooh-poohed it, rolling my eyes when it was all that the people around me talk about. 

Then one Saturday, I ran out of books to read and I was absolutely bored out of my mind. And I had nothing to buy online. So I opened this drama app that I have and started scrolling. And I decided to download DOTS just to see what the whole fanfare was about. To be honest, I don’t even like the male lead that much. For those K-fanatics, you’d know that he was an original member of the hit variety show- Running Man. I used to think that he had some airs about him, and how he really took his nickname, Ace, seriously. *rolls eyes*

And then I started watching and couldn’t stop. That also explains why I’ve disappeared for a while haha. These scriptwriters really have a way of drawing people in so deep it’s like a drug. Amazing work there guys. 

I’ve always had this thing for men in uniform, so seeing a hot man in his no.4 day in and out just made my teenage dreams come true. And he’s so charming. So witty. So manly. So brave. So sweet. So romantic. And there you have it. Now I’m just another girl turned mush like the millions out there. Help. 

Korean dramas have this flair for making their men seem perfect, which is what many dream of but far from perfect in reality. It gives women unrealistic expectations of men which is terrible. I see myself obsessing over ONE drama and I have to shake myself by the shoulders to get a grip. I can only shudder imagining those who eat and breathe K-dramas all day, everyday. 

I think it’s safer for me to return to my books. 

P.s: I just recently started on another, highly recommended by my sister. It’s Rooftop Prince if you’re interested. 



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