Had one of the most heart-thumping moments of my life last evening while I was on the way home from work. So there I was as usual, driving on the fast lane when suddenly there was a loud bang and my car started rocking and I heard the sound of metal on the asphalt. 

I could not stop immediately because I would surely cause a collision, so I quickly put on my hazard lights and gradually slowed to a stop. As I was still on the fast lane, I worried that a speeding car might run me over but still I needed to check what was the matter. Just as I suspected, I had a busted tyre. In the few years of driving, I’ve never been in an accident or any mishap, so I was all panicky and on the brink of tears. But I reminded myself that crying would not solve the issue at hand, so I returned to the safety of my car and called my mechanic for help. 

Sometimes, I really appreciate being female because I think people would generally be more ready to offer help. The uncle kindly called a tow truck for me and got me to slowly manoeuvre my car to the road shoulder as it was safer there. I was also glad that it was dark so I couldn’t see if any of the passing vehicles were throwing me any dirty looks because I was causing a mini jam. But obviously I don’t look enough like a damsel in distress because no one, NO ONE, stopped to check if I was ok or needed help. Sheesh. Even when I was trying to get to the road shoulder, people were not willing to give way to me. Where is the love?

I must say I’m damn impressed with our traffic police and emergency tow services. They arrived within 10 minutes to assist with traffic and to bring my car to another location so my tow truck could send me and Theodore to the workshop. The whole drama lasted close to three hours from beginning to end (and I’m $300 poorer) but I’m just thankful that I’m still alive to be telling you this. 

Somehow, I can’t help but feel my Theo is doing this because he knows his time is almost up. He is due to be scrapped in January next year, and I’m already on the lookout for car number two. Just the day before, I collected him back from the workshop because an electrical fault was making it impossible to turn my steering wheel in the way I wanted whenever I’m in reverse gear. It’s as if there was a ghost turning my steering wheel in the opposite direction to prank me. That made me another $150 poorer. Sigh. 

However, we have a saying in mandarin- 破财消灾 (pò cái xiāo zāi). It means losing money to avert a disaster, and that’s how I’ve been comforting my poor pocket. Maybe spending this amount of money saved me from something more serious. 

Oh Theo, even though I have to give you up soon, you’ll always have a special place in my heart for being my first baby! Gosh. Typing this out is actually making me kinda sad. 


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